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40 years old
5' 6" (167 cm) tall
Auburn Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Consulting
Graduate Work/Degree
3 Children/ 3 at home
Mission: Plan to with my future spouse
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from yogamama99:

Hello you amazing gentleman! I have not renewed this subscription so maybe I'll see you at a single's event or you find me some other way (YogaMama99) if you'd like make a Match? My prince hasn't found me yet and maybe it's you but you'll just have to get creative because this site is too antiquated for my patience so I’m out of here and won’t be checking messages. (br /)

In the meantime, you can see from pictures a little of my story. Find me and ask about what is important to you. I'll be honest and hope that you will ask all the hard questions as well as watch carefully about what kind of life I live.

About you: You're looking for a companion, someone to play with and even work with, build up an amazingly cool life and someone who has deep enough experience to appreciate the man you are who you are committed to becoming. You’re looking for someone who actually wants to share that life with you.

You are a crazy man sometimes, know how to have fun and know how to treat your lady as if she'll someday be a queen because you know where you’re headed. You're strong in the gospel, strong in your body, strong in your commitment to family, and strong in continuing to grow in your life.

Sometimes you're so cool you can barely stand yourself but know how to look around for those you can help; which you do. You love a hike, golf, sports or just being active but also love a casual dinner at home (you be chef or I will - either is fine). You’re as comfortable planning a date to ball game as you are the museum or charity ball; shorts and ball cap or a suit (tux if necessary) are both things you can handle and plan a great time for both of us. You know your way around the finer things but know that the best parts of life are free, cliché as that sounds it’s still true. Romance, touch and affection are important to you and you’re not afraid of PDA.

You’re an adventurer, love travel and have a special interest in seeing the world in cool new ways. Music is probably a love of yours and you are as comfortable at a concert as with the music cranked up in the car on a long drive up the mountains when the colors change in the Fall or out to the coast for a spur of the moment road trip (just because you can). You have a passport and would love to show me a few magical places on the planet that I haven't seen or would like to see together. You are successful in your career and choose to lead out when it's needed by those you serve. You’re well educated but may have taken an alternative path to that; either way you're a strong player in your world, love to keep growing and are respected.

If life got to you at one point (addictions, financial, divorce or custody challenges...) you got that handled and your stronger for it. [if you're still in the middle of stuff I'll have to gracefully bow out - I already put in my clean up time so I wish you well on your journey and hope we meet up when you’re more ready]

Down time is tyle="font-weight:bold;")important to youn) and you have a healthy expectation of that your man-cave and guy-time is too cool) to be trifled with and that your lady will respect that (I will). You recharge well and when you're ready to be present with your lady you're all in. You play hard, work hard and love a decent massage after you broke through a hard day or a big project or an epic day of playing full out.

Above everything, you know who you are, where you’re headed in this life and you’re looking for an amazing lady to join you in the cool life you’re creating as your best friend, lover and companion.

Find me :)


I am interested in a person who dresses for success
If I had 1 million dollars I would be most likely to invest it

My dream car is
So long as it's paid off (never a car loan again) - I dream of a garage of vintage car(s) and one new SUV
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Historical, Mystery, Nonfiction, Religious/Spiritual, Romance, Self Help, Other

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