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42 years old
6' 0" (182 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Self Employed
Some college
2 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: England
Seldom Attends Church

Greeting from wesdam12:

Hi, my name is Branden, I put this on here because I am attempting to sound more lame is that?? lol

I have to put this out there first since its become a problem. Dont hide behind your computer...put a picture up or I WONT talk to you.

I have decided to change this section of my profile to more fit who I am. Heres the highlights...

-I dont like chocolate, Id rather pass any I come across to the cutest girl near me.

-I am a twin and he doesnt like it!

-My boys don't like the fact that I don't wrestle them anymore, I like being undefeated.

-I got married 6 months after my mission because she said she loved me....not a good reason!

-I got divorced 5 years later because she said she didnt love me....I agreed.

-I play sports so that I dont have to come up with a sweet user name for all the latest video games!

-I have gone through a class 5 rapid both in the raft and out.

-I was almost killed when I was a kid by a famous serial killer (really cool, creepy story).

-I found out when I was 16 that my mom never got me and my brother immunized.....discovered when I was suspended from school during a measles outbreak.

-I probably root for the pro teams that YOU hate.

-My sons have read the Twilight saga not really happy about that.

-I once went on a cruise and I thought staying on the boat was a lot more fun than exploring Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Cozumel on the other hand....AWESOME!


-I probably karaoke the best "Bohemian Rhapsody" you have ever heard!

-I used to win dance contests.

-38 years until having my first was a pretty good run! Y

-I was in a commercial for Honey Baked ham as a kid....I dont like to eat Honey Baked ham anymore.

-Have you ever broken your sons arm when he was just 11 months old?.....I have. (no, i dont abuse them.)

-I have been asked several times to write a book on how to deal with behavorial challenged children.

-I am a behavorial challenged adult.

-I once had my car broken into and the only thing that was stolen were my can I be mad about that?! Shoot, they probably got baptized!

-Ive been divorced for a long time....I really would like to get married again, just not really fast!

-I camp, hike, bike, swim, play sports, road trip, sing, bowl, laugh, bbq, and enjoy life.....A LOT!!

If any of this made you smile then by all means write me a line or two....or heck 20 or 30, I dont care. I love to meet new people and make lots of friends. I love my life and Im sure you would like it too! So dont be afraid....DO IT!


My favorite color is Blue
I mostly watch/listen to conference at home on TV

My favorite TV show is
the office
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Chorus/Singing, Dancing, Writing

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