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50 years old
5' 10" (177 cm) tall
Salt and pepper Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Arts/Entertainment
Technical Degree
2 Children/ 2 at home
Mission: USA-Kentucky
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from waveslider:

I used to love this site back in the days when I was still freshly learning how to cope with my divorce. I didn't really use this site for dating purposes so much as for the forums and the close friends I had made there, back then. It was just the therapy I needed at that critical phase of my life. Unfortunately most of them are married off (proof this site works for many people), but I still manage to keep in contact with the real friends I made here, on Facebook. Some of the ones who portrayed themselves differently while on here have gone out of my life and that is a good thing because I value the boring honesty and truth, over an imaginary image of what some of them portray themselves to be in order to feel like they are accepted by, "normal people," or to justify their actions based on the responses they receive from others.

Now I find myself once again here because I have had an active account, that I found out about recently through looking at my bank statements a little more closely, for almost an entire unused year after cancelling the last time I poked my head in here for a so called, "free month." I am once again poking my head in the forums, but this time around the people don't seem to be very lively, apart from one old friend who I am able to contact on Facebook anyway, so I will probably cancel my subscription if indeed I am able to do that this time around. I don't get notifications from this site because there is no way of updating my current e-mail address that I originally signed up on this site with, to my active one I use now days, even though the old one doesn't even exist anymore. So I guess I will have to carefully watch my bank statements when I try to cancel again just before auto renewal happens this time around.

Anyway, back to wanting truth and honesty. I feel I must first be honest and truthful myself: I don't expect any action in the romance department from this site, unless there is some sugar momma with an awesome testimony (which seems like a fictional character to me). Because contrary to what most women seem to tell me, money does matter when courting someone. I do know how to have a lot of fun without spending much money, on dates, but that is always a dead end road. It seems that the women that I meet eventually need that security that a man has enough money to take care of the them if the relationship develops into something more serious down the road. It is a catch 22 because it costs too much to hire daycare/sitters rather than just not working full time and doing it myself. Besides I don't want someone else to raise my kids for me and the cost evens out to about the same as not working full time anyway. besides I would much rather raise them myself. So I don't have a traditional job. I am an artist, that way I can work around my kids' schedules. I could hold a more traditional job if I had a wife to help out with the kids, but that can't happen without neglecting my kids' financial needs in order to court a woman properly in the first place, so I guess I will be back on the market after the kids are gone from the nest.

Anyway. I would love to be proven wrong, or at least find some really good friends along the way that have the same moral values and beliefs as I do. Hopefully the forum people have only been too busy to liven the place up, and things get rolling in there again like in the good ole days! Then perhaps I would stick around longer. If not at least I hope you find what you are looking for! Aloha!


My favorite pet is All creatures great and small
My favorite color is Blue

My favorite movie or play is
Step into liquid
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Historical, Nonfiction, Religious/Spiritual, Science Fiction, Self Help, Technical

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