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27 years old
5' 10" (177 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: Self Employed
Graduate Work/Degree
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Mini-mission
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Worthy

Greeting from trexintar:

Wanted: One righteous, worthy priesthood holder, preferably 5'10 or above, with a tender and loving heart devoted to the Savior.

Ambition and passion for life, love, and the Gospel are absolute necessities. Liberality with the truth and emotional shallowness anathema; the heart of a lion my ideal.

If I marry, it will be to one with a warrior's spirit, not a shrinking violet. Cowards and those not ready to seriously pursue a relationship need not apply.

Please, absolutely do not contact me if you are involved with pornography. There is no quicker way to break my heart.

Who I am: Strong and independent, a free thinker, quirky and flawed but generally affable; studious, devoted to the Gospel, family and being my best self. I'm looking for a helpmate and eternal companion who can challenge me to the best version of myself and I hope to be able to return that blessing.

Likes: Theology, Greek and Hebrew, comparative religious studies, archaeology, history, reading, poetry, art, kind men, kilts, folk, alternative and rock music, swimming, ballet and men who are not intimidated by who I am and what I like.

Talents: Linguistics, music (I am a harpist), organization, occasionally having awesome ideas and making a mean chocolate chip cookie.

Current life course: working as Creative Director for an amazing company and as a harp teacher/performing artist; hoping on going back to school for my PhD in the next year or so, but all in God's will and timing. As they say, they quickest way to make God laugh is to make plans.

Honestly, I'm enjoying my job so much and our company's growing so fast that the PhD may be a dream far removed, but someday I'd like to be Dr. So-and-so, although I understand having my last name changed to So-and-so will be a lengthy process unto itself.

Love to you all and good luck in your search!


When it comes to my space it's clean
I am interested in a person who dresses for a good time

My dream car is
I would prefer to walk or use public transportation.
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Running/Jogging, Walking, Other

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