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38 years old
5' 11" (180 cm) tall
Light Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Self Employed
High School diploma
3 Children/ 3 at home
Mission: Canada-Ontario
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Recommend

Greeting from t_higgin:


Latest Thoughts: discipline means to not waver. Enos went to work after speaking with The Lord. Joseph Smith exemplified the kind of commitment needed to have the powerful revelations he had for restoring the gospel of Jesus Christ. Chris Hadfield the current commander of the ISS told a bunch of students in Toronto "You have to work hard not just in school outside of school too!" James 1:6 " but let him ask in faith (loyally, committedly), nothing WAVERING. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed". Been there done that. Excuse me I must get back to work! :)

About Me:

It should be known that I live in a very beautiful remote location. When you consider me, consider me as that princess who is locked up in a far away tower. The catch, my tower is paradise. My children and I all know that our sojourn in this paradise is brief, but, this really is paradise!!!


-I get A's on math exams, but freeze when counting change.

- I love philosophy

- I am happiest when I feel confidence in and around me.

- I tend towards being laid back (I am often slow and methodical in my reactions to circumstances sometimes I may even procrastinate) and up tight about my standards.

- I forgive easily and have been accused of being over accommodating.

-When I am mad I tend towards bottle and blow and sarcasm.


- I believe Jesus Christ, He is my best friend and my Master I choose to follow Him because I want freedom to be abundant for all! In God's Plan that is made possible through Jesus' Atonement, it allows for all good and all bad to exist and healing, when desired. I have seen and gained an appreciation for the paradoxes God's plan envelopes

- I do have sympathies toward Baha'i for their push for unity in faith Alma 29:8(isn't interesting how so much of myth and tale and truth have such common threads?), and Taoism for universal balance.

- Freedom is my passion. I understand that it has to be completely unbiased, Jesus Christ is the provider, purchaser, and defender of our freedom.

- I understand that "the judgments of God" are natural consequences. (br /)- I believe in the Blessed Unrest - Paul Hawken

- I believe that the worlds problems would end if King Benjamin's sermon was headed. Entitlement is the antithesis of gratitude and grace and every thing Jesus stands for.

Things I am involved with right now:

- my fascinating children

- University preparation prerequisites, financial, and familial

- learning how to make my money grow

- seeking meaningful employment that leads to my future career in physics

- I work with my dad in managing his inn and in carpentry

- ballet biweekly.

Activities I've previously enjoyed:

- Ballet dancing

- Mountaineering

- Rock climbing

- Reading (at the moment I am reading the life and

universe of Albert Einstein, Tin tin and various biographies w/ my kidlets, the Tao of physics, a brief history of nearly everything- Bill Bryson (finished it! Totally recommend it!), and a few others.)

- Choir

- bicycle touring (my kids and I just did 13km around a lake, my daughter who has only learned to ride a bike, beat her older brother who had a really good physics lesson about the size of tire ratio to number of turns on the pedals, he needed a bigger bike!)

- Canoeing (especially at night with the phosphorescence)

- Art

- fixing the Hubs on my 98 Blazer (I have to say :( that auto mechanics has lost it's novelty for me, especially in the rain)(br /)

Things I probably won't do again:

- Monster truck shows

- Snow mobiling (I feel that snow mobiles are far too disruptive to nature and inward focused on my own pleasures with very little regard for anyone else.

- hunting

- night clubbing

- Being dragged behind a boat on a tube (crazy drivers!)

Things I would try again:

- skim boarding

- Snowboarding

- motorcycle touring

- wake boarding

- art and animation

- weight:bold;")ballet (in process biweekly)

- mountain climb

- wind surf

- etc.

Things I am pursuing now and in the near future:

- University prerequisites, and degree

- Reading reading reading (I also enjoy reading out loud

when desired)

- sailing( in process of, well designing actually (priories tend to keep it procrastinated currently), my Junk/ gaff rigged

single mast dingy)

Things I would love to pursue:

- Travel and I'd really want to serve in a service mission

- learn to play piano, guitar, and cello

- dance ballet again (in pursuit) and ballroom

- perhaps gain a greater appreciation for really good food and maybe even cooking it.

Places I've lived: Powell River 13+5 years, Calgary 5+10 years, Victoria 1.5 years, Ontario (as a missionary) 1.5 years.

Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Willow, Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium, Color of Freedom, Inception, Encino Man, Mars Needs Moms, August Rush, and the Help, my absolute favorite kissing scene is in Penelope that really gets me!!


When asked about reading I said I love it
Favorite season: Summer

My dream car is
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Fine Arts, History, Philosophy, Science

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