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21 years old
4' 11" (149 cm) tall
Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Healthcare
Some college
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Plan to with my future spouse
Frequently Attends Church
Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from sexygirl9210:

My name is Brittany. I think enough people lie and talk them selves up for these things so i will be brutely honest.

I read Cosmo religiously every month, if you don't know what that is google it if it freaks you out move on:)

costco is my favorite store ever.

i make bets with my brothers in church on if the speaker will cry or not.

I love spa treatments not because im vein but because they help relax me .

im not your typical girl i love sports of all kinds. I played soccer for 14 years and was a four year letter and all american for my high school. I also helped with the high school football team while i was in high school and now help coach as the conditioning and stregthing coach. I also love wrestling and basketball.

i've made mistakes but im content enough with them that if i could ask God any question it would be are zebras white or black.

i never fill out my race on any application i dont think color should matter it doesnt in Gods eyes so it doesn't in my if im mad i will tell you im open and i tell things to people fast. i sometimes swear, watch R rated movies, and say dirty jokes but im working on it.

i want a big family non negtable i loved having lots of brothers and i want my kids to have the same oppurtunity.

i am a total tomboy but can clean up very nice, i love high heels hate jewlery, love flowers, choloate is ok but if my husband were to get me any gift i would want it to be a massage or something from victoria secret cause it is reusable:) im open about sex beacuse i believe it is the most christlike bond you can have with somebody. im also open about it cause i want to be on the same page with a future husband ive seen it ruin too many marriages and it wont ruin mine. if a guy treats me right i would do almost anything for him.

i like where i live and would like to stay here or near by. the funnest thing about me probably i love the ocean but dont really know how to swim and i saw JAWS when i was five and it has scared me ever since.

The top ten things i would want to do before i die is

1. go to atleast 5 temples

2.go to a brazil soccer game

3. horse back riding

4.  i want to be hot when im old

5. go to the temple on my wedding aniversary every year. 6. save a life but not in healthcare (hint spirtualy)

7. spend a year in a 3 world country donating time

8. 4 wheeling

9. get married in the salt lake temple

10. meet the prophet. those werent in order by any means.

i can remodel a house thats all my parents did on the weekend. i would love to go boating. i am attending ISU for a Nursing degree. I work as a CNA for 2 health agencies. My favorite color is blue. I love the movies, cooking, eating, reading and having a good time. I'm one of the most sarcastic people in the world if you leave yourself open i will take the oppurtunity gladly. I know what i want in life and im working on getting it. If you want to know more message me.


Favorite holiday: Christmas
If given the choice I would live in a mountain cabin
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