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44 years old
5' 8" (172 cm) tall
What Hair? Hair
Green Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Government
Graduate Work/Degree
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Haven't served
Regularly Attends Church

Greeting from reston94:

Hi - I'm an American living and working in Korea. I've been considering joining the church for awhile now. I was raised Baptist and have read the Bible a couple of times through, and I'm working my way through the Book of Mormon now - just started Ether. I was inspired to look into LDS because of some truly amazing church members I've known over the years, and especially some that I know now. I took a trip to SLC a few months ago and loved seeing Temple Square and climbing Ensign Hill.

I'm a nice guy with a senior position and a lot of responsibility in the Department of Defense, and I've been fortunate to have some great professional and life experiences all around the world. I've been moving around a lot (Korea a couple of times, Bosnia, Iraq, and a lot of shorter trips --30 countries so far) since graduating from a military college in the South, and I'm ready to lay down some roots.

I'm back at home in the DC area and will probably be here for the foreseeable future (it's where work is, family is here, and it's a great place to live!), but I'm open to trying something long-distance if she is.

Thank you if you've been able to make it all the way through my long-winded intro. :) Looking forward to getting to know you!


The type of food I like the most is Korean
I am interested in a person who dresses for success

My dream car is
I'm on my fourth Mustang. So I guess it's another Mustang. Although I did like having a Jeep Wrangler for awhile and might go back to one of those. I always buy American. :)
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Action, Classics, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family Films, Mystery, Religious/Spiritual, Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction

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