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51 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
What Hair? Hair
Other Eyes
Occupation: Skilled Labor
College graduate
4 Children/ 2 at home
Mission: USA-South Carolina
Occasionally Attends Church

Greeting from pacesetter:

I am a single dad to a bunch of wonderful kids,doing what I can to be the best dad I can.I think they think I am doing a pretty ok job at it.I work a full time job that pays the bills and keeps the rain/snow off our heads.We get out and see what there is to see,do what there is to do.Never a dull moment here.Road tripping to the dells. Climbing at Devils lake.Crossing the Wisconsin river on the ferrie.Camping on the sand.Shooting the shotguns or assult rifles at McDonalds happy meal toys or tent caterpillar nests(looks like guacamole when you hit em).Spin till you puke game.We are not for the weak or faint of hart.But for the full of hart

I am a hard worker,good dad,devoted friend to the end.I am a closet nerd that comes out more often than my family feels comfortable with.Dad Nie the everything guy.Sometimes they think its kinda cool in a dorkey way. Other times I get alott of eye rolling and here we go agains.Conservative in my social,political,religous and family views and ideas.Some have called me a patriot.2nd ammendment says i have the right to bear i do.

I have opinions on many issues.Many have issues about my opinions.It all works out somehow.Generous to a fault.Cant spell my way out of a wet paper bag.I know God and have been to his house a couple times.(a condo in Idaho up by Tahrghee)Used to Hurl 3 times a week.Not barf,Hurling,as in the worlds fastest field game.participated in the highland games for a few years.Love the attention I get when I wear my kilt. (yes,I am a Scot)Dont mind spending the night in a pub with a bucket of chicken wings and good company.or,a BBQ in the back yard,or a video and popcorn work well, too.

Think a spade is a spade and am not afraid to say so. Know what it is like to have loved and lost.I am not sure what this says about me but...for fun,I like to start the stick/hay bail deer lawn decorations on fire. Actualy,all flamable lawn ornaments are open"game".can I say that on here?

I have been there to hear a first breath.Held a man as he took his last.Held the hand of his wife and children and told them what he said.Kept many others around so they could enjoy a few more.

I truely hate the drama and the lying and the bull that so many people get off on and I will not put up with it.I dont have the time or the patients or the streinght anymore to endure any more of these silly,hurtful and immature games that do not have a point to them.Some games are fun as long as they are not hurtfull,pointless,or mean.I do not play them and I have waisted way too much of my time in my life enduring and picking up the pieces afer the game was finished and the bull was done.

I have dated women of color in the past.Its not for me.When asked what i'm looking for in a woman,I say I am looking for Silken Floss.not like you are thinking.i like her attitude and her brilliance.There is soo much more I am sure I am supposed to say but,for now this will do.I will add as time goes on or as I think of more stuff.

Oh and...the date on the pics is all wacky. The pics are all quite recent.


My favorite TV show is
oddities. smoking guns worlds dumbest, hell on wheels, BBC america
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Animals/Pets, Home Improvement, Other

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