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39 years old
5' 3" (160 cm) tall
Changes Often Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Healthcare
College graduate
5 Children/ 5 at home
Mission: Haven't served
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from new1234:

Hi there Handsome!!

Make me smile. Read up on Aquarius women.Make me laugh. Be honest. Appreciate the small things. Call me just because. Don't sweat the small stuff. Have friends. Dream big! Make mistakes and learn from them. Embrace your mistakes, and mine. Grow from them, with me. Make me feel young. Make me feel untouchable. Be quick to apologize and never go to bed angry. Work hard, but not too hard. Know how and when to relax. Take me fishing. Know how to have fun. Understand the overactive female brain. Have your own activities. Invite me to join you from time to time. Don't get offended if I say no. Support me with my likes and activities. Say YES sometimes, when I ask you to join me. Know how to fix things. Think I'm cute. Like to travel. Smell good. Pray with me. Go to church with me. Enjoy learning. Love the beach. Be patient with me. Cook with me. Show me the good, the bad, and the ugly. LOVE kissing. Go camping with me. Fall for me more when I tell you I miss you. Know when to be serious. Know when to be silly. Enjoy FHE. Hold my hand. Use weekends for sleeping in. Be strong enough for me. Laugh at my funny stories. Trust me with your heart and take care of mine. Take a chance. Enjoy going to the temple. Like dogs. LOVE kids. Laugh at my stupid jokes. Surprise me. Sleep without your socks on. Let me miss you. Acknowledge that we both have baggage. Help each other carefully unpack that baggage. Chase me. Let me catch you. Kiss me for no reason. Be a better fire builder than me. Be humble. Take road trips with me. Have a strong testimony. Want a great life. Never give up. Man the grill for me. Don't settle. Get lost in my eyes. LOVE roller coasters. Listen to country music. Sing along with me in the car. Kiss my neck. Help me pick out my first pick-up truck. Know a thing or two about gardening. Have a healthy relationship with money. Treat your body like a temple. Work out with me. Dislike running with me. Be available. Know how to install a ceiling fan. Drive over because I need to hug you. Love bacon. Go on sushi dates with me. Miss me. Feel encouraged by me. Accept me 100%. Let your walls down. Stand your ground. Be strong. Make it all ok. Talk to me, not at me. Believe that family comes first. Watch stupid movies with me. Love deeply, wholly, passionately, without fear or hesitation.

Action, Comedy

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