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33 years old
5' 10" (177 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Dark Brown Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Banking
Graduate Work/Degree
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Utah
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from naylor6545:

It's been a while since I have even looked at my Greeting and figured it is time for an update. So now it's time for me to find a new, interesting way to grab your attention and describe who I am. It's all about differentiating me from every other guy you have ever met.

I grew in rural Kansas in a town of 3,000 and had the opportunity to play multiple sports. I think that probably makes me different right there. ;) My family drove about 50 minutes (one way) every Sunday while I was growing up to go to Church, and we did that until I was 10. I played all kind of sports growing up and still work out regularly. I also try to be responsible with my money and live within my means. In other words, the only debt I have is student loans. Speaking of education, I have both a BS in Psychology from BYU and an MBA from the U of U.

I love learning about and discussing history, cultures, the Gospel, world events, and building technical skills. Books are a must. I still cannot do the e-readers, at least not when I read for pleasure. Give me a good ol' fashion book any day.

And yes, I am still active and teach Elder's Quorum once a month. I also have a current Temple Recommend, pay my tithes, and spend time with my parents.


If I had 1 million dollars I would be most likely to save it
Broken bones: None of mine have ever broken!

My favorite TV show is
How I Met Your Mother, Community, or Falling Skies
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Aerobics, Cycling, Jump Rope, Running/Jogging, Walking, Weightlifting

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