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69 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
Salt and pepper Hair
Dark Brown Eyes
Occupation: Construction
College graduate
4 Children/ 2 at home
Mission: Plan to with my future spouse
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from mikieisme:

I am looking for a woman who WANTS a man in her life. A man who wants to hold her in his arms and heart and thoughts and who wants the kind of physical intimacy and longing for each other that only they seem to be able to provide for each other. Who knows what heaven on earth is like and knows how to go about finding it with her man.

I live in Tucson, but still have a house in Orem Utah, have 4 great kids ages 23 to 35 (no grandkids yet). My wife passed away four years ago. We were both strong and it only took us 25 years to appreciate our differences, but we did and it was great to learn from and complement each other. We learned to love each other's differences and strengths when we shared them with kindness and understanding. Found out it wasn't anywhere near as important what we did together as long as we were enjoying each other's company, whether it was simple things or shared dreams. Found out that real intimacy is a spiritual, emotional AND physical thing that causes you both to fall in love over and over again.

If you are active that would be great. I'm active and like many different things and would love to be with someone who is willing to try new things and learn new things. Hope you believe two people can do almost anything when they pull together and support each other. I don't have all the answers----yet :) but I enjoy working on it. I know God loves us loooooots. Have seen some things from the other side which is both a blessing and a trial, because those things are both spiritually strengthening yet difficult to find in this world. But have found we can help make many of them happen here. Believe we were sent here to find out how to be caring, kind and courageous and learn to enjoy love. God really is happy in spite of the fact that we basically don't get it down here. Believe two people who want to put their heads and hearts together can create heaven on earth and throughout eternity and am willing to move for that kind of love.

I enjoy traveling, who doesn't, and have been to many places and want to go to many more (including missions). I love my family and friends. I joined the church when I was 30 and was looking for the true church because I knew it would have a plan for what marriage was supposed to be. It has meant everything to me. I believe in miracles. A husband and wife beautifully in love for all eternity is the most beautiful miracle there is.

I love the ocean and beaches, probable because I was raised in California and Florida and was a navy diver. I know there are many good things out there and would like to try many of them with a great, kind, sweet companion. We can fall down together trying, but we will help each other up every time. Don't really want to take a year just to find out if a relationship works. Believe there has to be something strong there from the beginning, and then if we are attracted to each other we will want to develop that relationship further. A little honesty, openness, kindness and sharing our real selves can save us both a lot of time and heartache. At our age it's fun to play around and share inside jokes. Hope we can be ourselves and not what we think we are supposed to be. I love to laugh and be silly and kind and not take ourselves too serious. Love hugs and kisses and holding each other. Don't believe we need to live in the land of the past but can have new beautiful beginnings.

I did work for years for a home building company and enjoyed working in the field and the freedom and physical nature of it and working with owners and contractors. I was a painting and remodeling contractor also. I am not well off financially; just average, but truly believe if two people can live in two separate households and make it that they should be able to live in one household and be much better off. Trying to be honest. I like security and a degree of comfort and beauty ( especially since I was a remodeling contractor and designer) but a relationship built on things is a substitute for a real relationship.Please write if you are only concerned about an eternal relationship that is mutually supportive in tough as well as good times and joy filled. If we are getting ready to prepare for heaven on earth someday, it would be nice to start now with a soulmate who wants to practice. Practice makes perfect when we find that just right person.

Good luck in your effort to find the one who is perfect for you. Eternity will be a lot happier with a kind, caring, person who will love you like the Savior does; at least eventually.


If given the choice I would live in a tree house
Favorite junk food: ice cream

My favorite TV show is
The Big Bang Theory
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Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Track/Field, Water Skiing

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