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50 years old
5' 0" (152 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: Entrepreneur
College graduate
2 Children/ 2 at home
Mission: Chile
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Recommend

Greeting from latinface:

I am an adoptive mother of two amazing kids who mean the world to me, one of my precious gifts from Heavenly Father .

I love my family and I miss them a lot, they are great people. I treasure my heritage, that it is where I learned my first principles and values, at home...

Honesty is one of the values I live for ..."what you see it is what you get", no games. Positive, trying to see the good in everything and everybody and I believe the human mind has the power to change everything in people's lives.

I hold a bachelors degree in education, but learning to be an entrepreneur at this moment and I like it very much!

I am not afraid of trying new things, but I know my limits.

Realistic, I have my feet on the ground, but I give myself permission to dream often...

I am very romantic and still believe in "once upon a time" and "happily ever after. " Loyal to the core and faithful with my heart.

"What doesn't kill you make you stronger" is a slogan that I can testify about. No regretting anything I had to endure in my life because has made me the person I am and at the same time been able to understand more my brothers and sisters...I have learned a lot of lessons in my life, the question is ..have you?

I live by the light of the gospel, I know without a doubt it is true! It has been the strength to continue through my difficult times.

I believe in Eternal Marriage, I know it is a true principle...if you were able to watch in Conference the talk about Marriage: Watch and Learn By Elder L. Whitney Clayton (April 2013), it is exactly how I think a great marriage would be.

Extremely grateful for the Atonement, still learning from it, but knowing that exists gives me peace, because I can try every day, step by step, to be a better person.

I like to cook and trying new recipes, although I am not a meat eater as much, I have a recipe for a roasted turkey that it is to die for! and many others from my country Chile that are really good...mmmm!

I find very attractive a man that knows how to cook a good meal and even more when that meal is cooked with that special person...

I love to travel, but I do not do it too often, I wish I do! I found it is so much fun to visit/discover new places with history where I can learn from it.

Visiting with my friends is always something I enjoy, although I have not many and I wish to have lots more, I treasure them, because they are the family I do not have here. And always a good laugh... it is very attractive to me when a man has a good sense of humor and especially a man that takes the time to make me laugh.

There are a lot of other things I can do for fun; we can always find them together! As for me, I have a world to give and I know someone out there will have the eyes to see and the heart to feel who I really am...


Broken bones: None of mine have ever broken!
Favorite season: Fall

My favorite movie or play is
Under the Tuscan Sun.
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Animals/Pets, Flowers, Gardening, Home Decoration, Home Improvement

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