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45 years old
6' 1" (185 cm) tall
Dark Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Computers/IT
Technical Degree
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Oregon
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from kosh:

Tall, dark, hansom man seeks... oh wait maybe tall'ish and if you stick with me here, close your eyes, it's dark right, then use your imagination or squint a little and you could definitely call me not totally unhansom.

People who know me will tell you I am a really good guy, kind hearted, respectful, considerate, affectionate and honest. I like to tease, have intelligent conversations, discover new things, and I always find the positive in people and situations. I genuinely care about those close to me. I am happy pretty much all the time, I chuckle a lot (makes people think I am up to something). I pride myself on being trustworthy and strive to be honorable in everything I do.

For those who wonder why I am still single, I have had a few serious relationships, things didn't work out for one reason or another but I crave that commitment and am seeking my eternal soul mate. I am not a player, so if I date you I am genuinely interested in YOU and the possibility of a future together. I love kids and will love yours or ours. I lived with my brother's family for 2 years (he has 4 little girls). I am uncle jungle Jeff. I would like some kids of my own someday. Maybe that won't happen but I will be happy either way.

I like working on computers, it's my job, I am good at it, but also do it for fun. I love to design and build things. In high school I won a contest for designing a house. Now that I have my own house I like doing things to improve it. I am also into music. I built my own electric guitars when I was in college and wrote some Classical, Jazz, Modern Atonal and Progressive Rock, although some of it might make your ears bleed. More recently I have gotten into fixing up cars. I will take you for a ride if you promise not to scream or hit me until we come to a complete stop.

Other things I like: Going for scenic drives, fishing, camping, hiking, 4 wheeling, 4x4ing, jet skiing, car racing, scuba diving, surfing, video games and listening to music. I don't watch very many movies or a lot of TV but have my favorites and watch new shows if they are really good. My favorite kind are sci-fi, fantasy, comedy and science/nature shows. I'm not into sports except some car racing but still enjoy the odd U game. I would get a bike, snowboard or do anything else outdoors if I had someone to go with. I would also love to do more traveling. Trip across Europe sound nice to you?


My favorite pet is a dog
When it comes to my space I need to work on it

My favorite scripture is
Moroni chapter 7
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Animals/Pets, Home Improvement, Landscaping

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