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44 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
Light Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Research
Graduate Work/Degree
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Alaska
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from jpoll:

I guess I should move on from trying to appear mysterious and actually write something substantive here. Okay, so I just copied and pasted it from my profile on another dating site. Let's call that efficient rather than lazy. :)

A little about me...

I think I am a genuinely good guy who enjoys simple, small things in life but who also likes to explore and pursue a few big things too.

I am a psychologist (don't run away just yet) and work as a research consultant in healthcare. I basically conduct all sorts of studies to help improve patient outcomes and the effectiveness in how we do things.

Just about two years ago I bought a house and moved back to my hometown. I like living close to my folks and family (particularly some of my nieces and a nephew) and to be away from the comparative noise of city life - I feel I can breathe out here. However, I do enjoy going into the city for work. Again, I think it's a mix of the big and the small that fits me.

How I feel about the Church...

President Hinckley once said something to the effect that everything of real, enduring value in his life (including his wife) has come through his activity in the Church. I think that sentiment fits for me as well. I guess we'll have to see about the wife part, however. :)

What I do for fun...

Tickle and wrestle my nieces and nephews. They can be naughty, but they are fun!....Just like their uncle. Just kidding. :)

Other stuff: tennis, fly fishing, driving with the windows down, movies about regular/good guys trying to do good/important things, research, Corn Flakes (which isn't really something I do for fun - this is simply morphing into stuff I like), telemark skiing (I'm also starting to get into snowshoeing and skate skiing), looking at the moon, the fall (the season, i.e., Autumn, not an Adam and Eve reference)...that will do for now.

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