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24 years old
5' 11" (180 cm) tall
Auburn Hair
Blue Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Writer
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Haven't served
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Worthy

Greeting from happyareye:

Shalom y'all! I'm Rachel, a technical writer for a company based here in Utah. I grew up in Florida and Washington state, and now live here in Utah--making me a Westerner with a bit of Southern flair. ;)

I am a deep-thinker and have a strong creative complex. I love cooking, baking, drawing... pretty much anything to do with my hands! I'm also intellectually curious and adventurous, so I'm game for new experiences!

Well, there's the Reader's Digest version. If you'd care to learn more, then by all means keep reading! :D

Let's see, my likes... Well, I like dogs, culinary arts, crafting, classic rock, and fashion, but not necessarily in that order. I also like intelligent conversation, daydreaming, and being around my family as much as I can.

I can speak Hebrew at an intermediate level and can read the Hebrew Bible with some level of ease. I have a BA in Linguistics, so I could definitely talk all day about language in general, really :P I also like video games (to an extent, of course) and fancy myself pretty Internet-literate. I am also writing a novel, so much of my free time is spent trying to expand this new world I'm creating on paper. :)

I am a concrete-random thinker. I value order, but my idea of order is what other people might feel is confusing. I am also very level-headed; it takes a lot to get me visibly riled up. I may come off as shy, but get me started on any interesting thread and that will soon change.

Well, if there's anything else you'd like to know or you would like to talk, message me! I look forward to hearing from you!

Walking, Other

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