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31 years old
5' 10" (177 cm) tall
Dark Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Social Services/Mental Health
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Arizona
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from gheewhiz83:

Hi! My name is Tim. I am funny, sarcastic and I love to talk, listen and laugh. I love cuddling up and watching movies, camping, hiking, hunting, cooking, shooting, drives, travel, drawing, running half marathons, watching plays, museums and I even like to shop on occasion... You name it, let's go! Really, spending time with someone you love is the best part of any of those things. I'm very social and I love people.

I've lived in Utah, Washington State (where I grew up), Arizona (on my mission), Idaho (for some college) presently here in northern Maryland for a while and now back in Utah again. I want to see so many new places and countries but, I have never gotten a passport. I've traveled a lot in the US though, it's a big country :)

I am an intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful and creative person. I love to work hard and learn new things. I graduated from the University of Utah with a BFA in Graphic Design. I'm hoping to get into graduate school for family therapy or social work this Fall. I just got a new job in that field in West Jordan. Thus, the recent move back to Utah.

There are so many subjects that fascinate me and I wish I could study and master them all.

I believe in leading a balanced life. I love to be active and to stay healthy mentally and physically. I like to run, hike, bike, snow ski, swim, water ski, work out, play basketball, dodgeball, softball and racquetball. I love all kinds of food although I'm not much of a fruit eater. Oh, and how I hate raw tomatoes. Gag! I love to cook and eat! I'm just looking for someone who loves to be active and healthy at about the same level as I do and who is confident and comfortable with themselves. Someone who is smart, kind, affectionate, hard working, thoughtful, and who has a good sense of humor. I can't help but fall for a wonderful woman with pretty eyes, a nice smile and a big heart. :) I want to wind up talking about my wife like one of our dear prophets has after/during a long marriage with deep devotion, respect and love.

I love having fun and being spontaneous. I'll also make elaborate plans for a vacation or an event. I'm pretty versatile and I have a wide range of interests. I love to try new things, food, places and meeting new people.

Family is very dear to me. It's important for me to find my eternal companion who shares the same long term goals and values. I don't have any kids but, I really do love kids and animals :) and I look forward to starting a family sometime soon. I have learned that love and relationships don't always work out like one would hope but, I figure its going to happen in Heavenly Fathers' timeline and not my own.

I have always been strong in the church and I have an unshakable testimony. I served a mission in Phoenix, AZ and I loved it. I'd love to serve another mission with my spouse someday. The gospel and the atonement of Jesus Christ are essential in my life. I love attending the temple and I attend all of my church meetings and I love to serve in callings.

I am far from perfect and I'm not asking for perfection but, I'm honest, happy, loving, affectionate, kind, positive, thoughtful, hard working and 100% loyal. I don't swear by them but, my top love languages are touch and spending quality time. I have a strong sense of commitment and I'm very loyal to those closest to me. These are characteristics that I need in return from my spouse. I believe you can only expect out of a relationship as much as you invest into it and really, each partner should be investing 100% even and especially when it's most difficult to do so. Doing so shouldn't be a downer or a chore but, a labor of love that grows and strengthens through all of life's joys and challenges. I totally believe that respect, love, kindness and being thoughtful can prevent and solve a multitude of problems.

Thanks for reading this. I know that's a lot but, I do mean every word! :) Have a swell day!


My friends would say I'm the romantic one
My favorite pet is a dog

My favorite service project was/is
anything outside
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Chorus/Singing, Cooking, Drama, Drawing, Musical Instruments, Painting, Photography, Public Performance, Writing

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