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53 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
Black Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: Transportation
Some college
1 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Every member a missionary
Occasionally Attends Church

Greeting from fredmendez:

I'm a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ over 30 yrs, and a hard working, Oilfield Truck driving, Construction worker, Carpenter ; Ex-Marine, divorced father of one beautiful 22yr old daughter that was a true blessing, and grandfather of two beautiful granddaughters that I pray for everyday.I was a minister with that church that passes out those two magazines every week for over 20 years.

My divorce left me so heartbroken that I could only turn to the Lord for help. I even took a vow of celibacy ,6 years later on December 2010

I asked our Lord on bended knees if I should return back to my old church. That night I had a dream ,our Lord Jesus Christ was standing with his right arm stretched out and palm open showing me this book laying on a small table I was drawn to walk over to this book I put my left hand on it, I

felt its power run up my arm touching my heart, Looking down I saw the old ancient writing of Hebrew and Egyptian that I could not understand. Two months later my trucking job took me to Salt Lake City for 2 weeks which turned into two years , because I found the book that our Lord Jesus Christ revealed to me, I felt the Holy Spirt teaching me and I was baptized early that spring.

I enjoyed living in Salt Lake City for those two years it is truly a spiritual place especially with the Prophet there , I had the privilege of sitting in the VIP section during the conference ,the spring of 2011.On the back page of the Church News for the spring of 2011 you can read my story about Seeing a Prophet.. I just got back from North Dakota oil fields this spring to my hometown Bakersfield Ca. and warmer weather. I'm ready to try skydiving but jumping out of a perfectly good plane is not natural for me :)

I enjoy working out, swimming, racquetball and tennis and the hot spa

at the gym plus I enjoyed camping , fishing and hiking outdoors and remodeling homes and landscaping, it helps me to stay young "not to mention it helps burning off the see food diet" ; I've traveled cross country to every state and visited just about every capital in these past 8 years in search of truth and happiness .There so many states I love them all , beautiful, especially Utah and Florida seeing the Temples and enjoying so many sunrises and sunset from our Heavenly Father.

I also enjoy listening to the Scriptures, during my breaks and lunch periods at work even while driving .Lately I've been studying the archaeology of the Book of Mormon, which helps me spread the gospel to my friends and family.I have a strong testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon, my work in the oilfields keeps me from church regularly . Sometimes leaving me to feel guilty, but I do use this opportunity to speak to those working with me about the gospel, my work schedule alternates too much, but when I'm off on Sunday I do go to church I hope to get my Temple recommend soon again my last Temple visit was 6 months ago , I do miss my Temple visits, it truly is holy ground . By God's grace I only recently was converted back in 2011.His Holy Spirit guided me to Salt Lake City Ut.There I had the most beautiful dreams even of my highschool girlfriend who passed away in our sophomore year.2Cor12:2 - Alma 40:12.. Friendship is very important in the relationship and I believe that's where everyone should get started,. Our Lord has given me many vision to share with you. This is my testimony, He loves all HIS children. I have met beautiful sisters on this site, and your testimonies have been very encouraging , and I am engaged to a beautiful sister I met on this site, I've add her to my photo album

May our Lord bless you also, go in peace Your eternal brother :)


If I had 1 million dollars I would be most likely to give it away
I am interested in a person who dresses casually

My favorite movie or play is
Always ; Cyrano de Bergerac with Jose Ferrer ; What Dreams may Come ; Dances with Wolves ; Dave ; Air Force One ; Space Cowboys
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Genealogy, Preparedness, Scouting, Service/Volunteer, Other

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