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38 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Self Employed
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Every member a missionary
Regularly Attends Church

Greeting from fester00:

I'm looking for friendship & eventually marriage, kids & Bbq's. That's the only time you'll hear me say that until we make it through quite a few dates for those who are on here but afraid if the "M" word. My photos are really all me. Please don't ask for more body-shot pics like some have requested. It ruins start up conversation. Sometimes I lighten my hair to change things up but I plan on keeping it long. (for some reason my hair concerns many of you.)

Here are a few of my likes:

- I like warm sea breezes & crackling fires.

- Like the smell of fresh laundry.

- I like trying all kinds of ethnical food

(except if it looks like it will crawl off the plate)

- I enjoy traveling but don't get to go as often as I'd like.

My parents owned a travel agency.

- I love my family & have awesome friends but everyone seems to be moving to different places so I'm grateful for Facebook!

- I love Utah b/c its LDS concentrated, has temples everywhere & has real mountains. I love NJ b/c its familiar, it has cultural diversity, is near to the ocean & is lushy green.

I am NEVER bored ever, ever.

- I enjoy reading books, movies and being outdoors.

- I loooove to garden & have backyard landscape dreams!

- I love the phrase "there's no place like home"

- I like to be social as a couple but am not into partying all night.

-I like nights of uneventful peace at home w/ family.

- I like dogs. Sorry but I don't relate to people who don't like dogs. "Fester" was the name of my old dog but currently I have none. I'm a doggie nanny on occasion.

- I like holidays but I don't go overboard missing the true meaning.

In my lifetime I will write four books & invent 3 ideas. I have already started on some. I am in no rush.

I own a 4yr old clothing boutique & its going fairly well. I'm proud of my accomplishments. Being a business owner is both rewarding & super tough. I plan to someday sell it.

I'm looking for someone who loves & lives Gospel principals b/c he wants to & not b/c he was born into the church. A nice guy who treats everyone with respect & kindness. Charitable by nature not only with tithing.

I wear dresses & skirts typically except if I'm playing outdoors obviously. Hiking in a skirt doesn't quite work unless its "Pioneer Trek" which I would like to participate in. I enjoy the outdoors & am willing to try some adventures in the wilderness as long as I feel safe from bears & snakes. Sounds stupid but seriously. I prefer a cabin to a tent.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing & I can't imagine my life without the LDS church. Everything about it has impacted my thoughts & heart making me want to share it with everyone I meet. I'm a convert of 4.5 yrs & quite enchanted w/ my new lifestyle & the inspirational people I encounter. I've always had a religious side even prior to meeting the missionaries but they really helped drive it home. The Atonement & Plan of Salvation makes more sense than ever before. Go figure. Its the true church! I've recently been to Utah for the 2nd time & its beautiful. Loved visiting St George & Park City. I attended Gen. Conf in Oct & performed Temple ordinances on behalf of my Grandparents. I've collected over 200+ names within my family ancestry.

I will say this... brace yourselves. Strangely I've encountered many LDS fellas who seem to think they are God's gift to women. Now I know the guy/girl ratio in Utah is far in the men's favor but that doesn't concern me. The guy I am looking for is not pretentious or would overshadow me with his ego. Maybe in Provo, girls will leave baked casseroles & cakes on your doorstep but this Jersey girl will not resort to those antics. I can cook & bake like nobody's business & the lucky one I marry is going to enjoy the fruits of my culinary skills for the rest of his life but I will not bribe you to date me! Lol

Now I hope you didn't take offense to that, if you did you are not for me b/c I joke a bit & maybe you are overly sensitive or... you are actually what I described & then may I suggest you evaluate yourself.

With that said in a light-hearted way, I believe there is certainly someone out there for every kind of person. I am rarely sarcastic b/c I think it can be dangerous but I do like to laugh.

If I strike your fancy, drop me a line but first ask yourself this... On a scale of 1-10 how interested am I (you) in this person (me) to initiate a conversation? If its less than a 10, don't bother b/c its frustrating when I get one message & then the guy goes MIA. Kid in a candy store is my analogy to internet dating. In order for it to go anywhere you have to commit a wee bit to get to know someone. :-)

Hope to hear from you. Have a great day!

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