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29 years old
6' 2" (187 cm) tall
Sandy Blonde Hair
Hazel Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Some college
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-California
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from dvdcll66:

Ladies, welcome to my profile! I hope to fill you with desire and wonder through my words and profile pics. Maybe even take you on a journey to parts of your heart you never knew existed. Also, I own a hot tub, so if that helps my case at all we can just talk about that.

So, my name's Dave, and I consider myself a Colorado native. Technically I was born in Alabama, but only lived there for two weeks. And I really don't know how much living you can actually do as a two week old. I really should say I pooped, cried, and vomited in Alabama for two weeks before moving to Colorado. I've been here most of my life, moved away for a while, but the allure of the mountains and outdoor recreational activities brought me back and has kept me here.

I've been told I'm pretty funny, and I'll admit it's true. I am hilarious. At least I think so. Some people have also told me that "I should let other people tell me I'm funny." Those people are jerks. Seriously though, I love to make people laugh, and find humor in a lot of places.

I have many different hobbies and try to keep my self busy and active (unless I'm chilling in the hot tub, and yes- that was another plug that I have a hot tub) which include, but are not limited to, the following:

Camping, Hiking, Fishing, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic (I'm just kidding, math is terrible), Tennis, Basketball, and working with my hands. Working with my hands includes both the instruments I play and working on art projects and man crafts (not to be confused with lady crafts which often involve lace and doilys and fanciful papers. My crafts involve wood and leather and power tools and steel and a fair amount of blood because I am clumsy.) I have about 5 different projects I'm trying to finish right now, and call myself "3/4 of the way Dave" because I have the problem of getting about 3/4 of the way done with a project and then getting distracted and starting on something else. Just as another fun side note: I also call my self CMMOA (Colossal Man Mountain of Awesomeness).... No one else calls me that....

You may have noticed from my pictures that I'm a bigger guy. You should keep in mind that really it's just a fuel tank for a love machine... and also a fuel tank for cheesy pick-up lines... Weight changes, though, and I now exercise regularly and try to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle. If it's a concern for you, I understand not responding to my messages, but I will warn you that you're going to miss out on my sparkling and charming personality. Don't be afraid of romance.

I'll close with what I'm looking for in a girl. I'm looking for someone who: has a strong testimony (very important to me, though I don't expect a "Molly Mormon" we might not work). Has a sense of adventure, and is willing to try new things. Who is motivated and goal driven (it's okay if goals change, but drifting through life is no way to live). And I'm looking for someone who is willing to live a somewhat healthy life (I want my romance to have a long earthly tenure, and I'll admit, if I have a gal doing this with me, it's sooooo much easier. And I transform into a svelte sexy beast. The following are by no means deal breakers, but girls who have a nerdy side are a big plus for me (let your nerd flag fly high girls), as well as girls that are up for a pickup game of basketball, or soccer, or really any sport.

Well, hopefully, this will give you a taste of Dave (this is also going to be the name of my ice cream bar I'll invent someday.) I have a lot more to offer and would love to get to know you!


My favorite color is Orange
If given the choice I would live in a mountain cabin
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Basketball, Football, Swimming, Tennis

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