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35 years old
5' 5" (165 cm) tall
Blonde Hair
Green Eyes
Occupation: Nursing
Some college
3 Children/ 1 at home
Mission: Every member a missionary
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from donnajoy78:

First of all....I have to put it out there.......I would've never considered using a dating site except that first, it's an LDS website and second, my best friend threatened that if I didn't, she would do it for me. Apparently it's a great way to possibly make friends, have fun and eventually, who knows....find an eternal companion. I guess perfect for a busy mom :)

I have 3 children who are my world. Most of what I do revolves around them. I know the most important thing they want for me is to "be happy," which is the most important thing that in turn I want for them. I have to be honest, we have gone through some difficult times, but we have been learning to find happiness in the small things and to always hope for a brighter tomorrow.

I know that I'm up for change, adventure, possibly travel and most importantly, finding someone who I can communicate well with, laugh and have fun with. Someone who enjoys late night talks, thoughtful gestures and will cherish me for who I am as I do the same for them. I'm sometimes a bit reserved as I'm just getting to know someone, but enjoy good times, good friends and lots of laughter. I like to say that I have a pretty good sense of humor (at least that's what the people that love me say:) I think it's so important to have one, especially when times get tough. And most importantly, to be able to accept your own mistakes and laugh at yourself.

I like to be active, I love to watch movies, and family is important to me. There is much about me that I feel is still yet undiscovered because as I have discovered, life is certainly about change. Change in the world around me and even sometimes necessary changes in myself. I hope to always learn new things and discover more things that I can love.

I have worked in the medical profession for many years and know that I love caring for the well being of others and in small ways bringing blessings to other people's lives as they bring blessings to mine. I have been working on continuing my education (which is very important to me) but have had to put this on hold as other circumstances in my life have taken center stage. It is a strong desire of mine to complete what I started even if only for my own self esteem.

In closing, the most important thing I cherish is my knowledge that I have a Heavenly Father that knows and loves me and my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ and His Gospel. This will be the most important quality to me as I consider sharing my life and children with someone else. I want someone who will cherish their priesthood and protect the same standards, values and covenants that the gospel brings.

Beyond these qualities, I have no ideals as to what my perfect man looks like :) Because my ideal is not going to be defined the same as someone else. And I know for sure as well as anyone that a person becomes either more or less attractive based on their personality, inner self and even their mannerisms, and that sometimes pictures don't really show how beautiful a person really is. However I do believe, with the Lord's help, I will know when I find him.


When going somewhere I am usually on time
If I had 1 million dollars I would be most likely to invest it

My favorite movie or play is
p.s i love you
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Aerobics, Pilates, Walking, Other

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