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32 years old
6' 1" (185 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Green Eyes
Occupation: Other
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Haven't served
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Worthy

Greeting from creativeusername14:

Words that best describe me: astronaut, dinosaur tamer, man of steel, um... oh, for real words? Well that's not nearly as fun.

First of all though, please ladies, if you're interested in me I would really rather you send me a message and NOT a smile. I will probably never respond to a smile because I've done that before and it seems as if sometimes women on this site will send those things just to be nice, not necessarily because they are interested. Crazy.

I'm on this website because I hope with all my soul that I'll meet a woman that embraces the same kind of values, ethics, and spiritual endeavors that I do. I find that the older I get, and the closer to the Gospel that I become, the outside world seems to make less and less sense. It's getting kind of wild out there.

I won't settle for anything less than a temple marriage. Look, I am not a finished product but a work in progress. That doesn't mean I will compromise my standards or that you should either, but I do accept that I am human and can/will make mistakes.

Some standards of mine that I hold in high regard: respect, for one's self and for the world around one's self; determination, the will to pick one's self up after you've fallen down or carry on in the face of adversity; humility, the willingness to admit that you're wrong and that you need the strength and support of your loved ones.

Keeping fit in mind, body, and spirit is very important to me. I love spending time in my personal gym; working on my body is so rewarding and so much fun! Training my brain is also equally important, and sometimes it's very difficult to restrain myself from going crazy with book purchases. My study of he Gospel is not just restricted to the Bible of Book of Mormon, but certainly includes works like the Pseudepigrapha, Gnostic texts, and Apocrypha. Ideally I'd like to be matched with someone that can have an intellectually engaging conversation, but can love the inner child in a grown man.

2015 is going to be a huge year in my life. I'm looking forward to each new journey and anticipating much change and growth. I'm really hoping that that includes meeting my eternal companion and creating a beautiful family in the future. Having children is something I want with all my heart, and I know that someday I will be an amazing father. My family and my friends have given me so many great examples of parenting and I can't overstate how much their influence has meant to me.

I feel like human beings and God have a very similar relationship to a piece of unworked iron and a steelshaper. He takes this piece of raw material, which on its own can accomplish very little, then he works it and refines it until it becomes something exceptional; tempering out those imperfections and flaws. That's what we are and that's what this life is. We're all on a journey to have those imperfections tempered out of us.

This has probably been far too long for most of you to read, but if you've made it this far then thank you so much! I hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. I realize that most of you are from the West and have a greater pool of guys to choose from, but that only means to me that I have to work harder to be better than them!

P.S.S. I love sports, particularly hockey and football (go Broncos!) and if you follow the former you will especially gain brownie points!


If given the choice I would live in a mountain cabin
My favorite pet is a dog

My favorite scripture is
2 Nephi 4: 16-35
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Classic Rock, Classical, Hard Rock, Punk

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