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62 years old
5' 4" (162 cm) tall
Dark Blonde Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: Homemaker
Some college
4 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Every member a missionary
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Worthy

Greeting from creativecreature:

This will be the 4th time I've changed my 'Greeting' because I thought, "Who wants to read the same thing over and over?" I also hope there is more to me than a one time, basic info greeting!

I have 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls) who are all married and have given me 14 grandchildren. I am lucky enough to have 6 of them nearby. I love watching my 15 yr old grandson play soccer. I'm his biggest (and loudest!) fan. Of course, he plays really well. (Of course!) His 14 yr old sister plays the piano, dances, acts, and is a great second mother to her younger siblings. She and I have started watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' together on Wednesdays. It's been really fun to share it with someone who also has a love of dance. Ok. I'll 'brag' about the other dozen another time. ;-)

In the other 'Greetings' I've always mentioned my love of music. I'm no soloist, but I love to sing. I'm a soprano but I sing harmony just for fun. I was in a two family Blue Grass Band when I lived in southern California. When I want to relax, I play guitar or piano music cds. My all time favorite cd is Yanni's 'In My Time' (and only 'In My Time') His other cds had a lot of synthesized music and I wasn't too keen on it. Some of my contemporary favorites are Simon and Garfunkel, Peter, Paul and Mary, Neil Diamond, John Denver, Celtic Thunder, and my latest fav is The Tenors (originally called The Canadian Tenors). Check out 'Anchor Me' on youtube. As I have mentioned, I love singing the Hymns. Especially if there are men around who can sing the tenor or bass line!

One of the first things I am attracted to is a great sense of humor and a quick wit. To me, life is easier and more fun if you can always look on the bright side and see the humor in almost any situation. Growing up, no matter how 'mad' I was at my mom, she could ALWAYS make me laugh. I never stayed angry at her for long. She is still fun to be around at 89!

I am very much looking forward to being and growing in love again. I have learned that it's actually okay to be alone but I would much rather share my life and life's moments with someone every day.

I have a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. I believe our degree of happiness is directly affected by the degree we live and keep gospel principles. My favorite callings have been Primary Chorister and Primary Teacher.

I have a tender heart for animals, even toads and lizards. I draw the line at snakes...My 38 year old son has a small Rat Terrier. I 'dog sit' her sometimes and call her my "grand puppy". I think cats are very entertaining to watch.

I enjoy a lively conversation/discussion! It's a great way to get to know someone.

I enjoy going to the movies or theater or just snuggling up at home to read, watch a movie or evening tv.

I would enjoy taking some kind of class or classes with my future spouse. You're never too old to learn! Dance? Or peut-etre parler francais or habla espanol -- I do love foreign languages. Or maybe learn sign language so when we both lose our hearing we can still talk to each other!!

Well, if this isn't the first time you looked at my profile, and you made it through to the end, I hoped you learned something new about me that made it worthwhile!


For a first date I would prefer a walk in the park
When asked about reading I said I love it

My favorite calling in the church was/is
Primary Chorister
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Classical, Country, Oldies, Religious/Spiritual, Other

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