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49 years old
6' 2" (187 cm) tall
Black Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: Other
Graduate Work/Degree
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Missouri
Frequently Attends Church

Greeting from couleerunners:

Here I am living the dream, on my piece of Gods green earth, visiting my kids this Canadian Thanks Giving weekend, watching General Conference, I reflect on my childern and the Ex, and realized I got myself here! Well next time anything in Heaven is brought up on who wants blessings thru hardship and disappointment, I think I am going to pass! But not all is doom and gloom, I do have a job and a nice truck which I call the "Mrs", because she is pretty to look at and seems I am putting money into it to keep her in that state. My dreams arent much besides living the gospel the best I can, attend church when work allows it, keep away from less desireable things, maybe own a house again, although a travel trailer sounds fine for me at this time! Lets see, I wouldnt mind traveling, I like seeing different places, being a soldier once in my younger days, I like military, airshows, and being a university graduate, archaeology, anthropology, history, and geography, all seem to catch my interest. But the most elusive creature that fastenates is woman, UT woman are too good on themselves, states girls only know of the states, and havent met a Canadian one I like, married one, divorced one so maybe is it Gods will I stay single, so be it. My kids are important to me although I think its the wallet that interests them, as the new father is fun, but my kids are what I try and maintain at this time, sure I would like to date but being alone for nearly 3 years, just being around my kids is hard to talk with as I am not current nor invited into their lives. I love the gospel, eternal marriage and family doctorine, I am shakey on, but I do believe in the Book of Mormon, and the Prophet Joseph. So if your a woman whio want s to fix or want to change their man, I dont want it, I was a fun, happy go lucky, entrepeneurial guy at one time, who attended all his meetings, worked at providing for his family, but 19 yrs, spouses change and I was no longer interesting nor wanted, so here I am living the dream, working in paradise, in a 800 person camp amongst Canada's Boreal forest, living the dream! Dont get me wrong, I like women, LDS, same belief system, I am willing to rebuild trust, and reactivate my faith, and maybe take the plunge but the longer I wait the colder my ember gets, so write as a pen pal. Thanks ladies.


Broken bones: 2
Favorite season: Fall

My favorite TV show is
Bering Sea Gold
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Swimming, Volleyball, Other

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