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48 years old
5' 2" (157 cm) tall
Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Nursing
College graduate
3 Children/ 1 at home
Mission: Argentina
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from chlily1:

I still believe in fairy tales. I am a princess and someday my prince will come.

I am Ariel. I love gizmos and gadgets and I long to be part of your world.

I am Arora. I love to linger under the covers on weekends. I have spent a portion of my life in a haze waiting for a kiss of true love to awaken me to new life.

I am Belle. I am intelligent and enjoy reading and learning and I am willing and able to look past the beast and find good. There is good in almost everyone.

I am Cinderella. I am no stranger to hard work and try to remain positive. I am fantastic with an iron! I also turn into a pumpkin not too long after midnight!

I am Jasmine. I know that there's a whole new world out there waiting for me and I am ready to run away and explore it. You can show me the world. I know my share of "street rats."

I am Mulan. Family means the world to me and I will go to any length to preserve that. I expect the same from you. I am not afraid to fight for that. Life has "made a man out of me" but I don't want to "wear the pants in a relationship."

I am Pocahontas. I can navigate tough waters and perhaps even guide you to new things.

Last but not least, I don't relate at all to Snow White. I don't sing like an angel (but do play a little piano) or plan on shacking up with seven dudes at once. I won't be your mother or financially support you.

I am waiting for a chance to go to the ball...if you are looking for a princess, perhaps even holding my glass slipper...I'm wishing, I'm hoping.

I am an easy to please person with simple needs. I am very strong looking for someone to take my hand and tell me everything is going to be okay. I am fiercely independent looking for someone I can depend on. I love to go out and I love to stay in. I thoroughly enjoy good food and entertaining. Good conversation is almost as important as comfortable silence. I am looking for a man willing to swim through shark infested waters to bring me a Diet Coke!!


When going somewhere I am usually on time

A brave thing that I have done is
i died my hair red...not for long!
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Biking, Boating, Camping, Four Wheeling, Hiking, Horse Riding, Tanning, Travel, Other

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