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57 years old
5' 2" (157 cm) tall
Dark Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Real Estate
College graduate
6 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Pennsylvania
Regularly Attends Church

Greeting from campinoperamom:

I'm very spunky and have a fun personality that loves learning, music, family and the Lord. I also love to go to the gym, sing, camp, read, cook and am very giving to others. You'll find me educated, young and vibrant, flexible in my thinking, and physically oriented cause I love swimming, the gym and I believe in hugs. I'm not shy but very talkative, but I try to listen with my heart. Life is never dull with me, and you'll find me very supportive, faithful and full of integrity in thought and deed. There's usually a smile on my face and lots of natural positive energy. I'm very good with children, am reliable and my word is my bond. I do think outside the box, am a big dreamer, am willing to take managed and calculated risks and am a creative problem solver. You'll find I eventually achieve my goals even if they are bold and challenging! I believe in marriage and was taught by example with parents that were devoted to one another. A mother that was supportive, kind and loving. A father that credited his success to my mother, his loving wife. It wasn't perfect, but start w/common goals and you can create the relationship you want with commitment, honestly, devotion, hard work, communication and lots of love, support and affection.


The Saviour is who my life is built upon. I love the Gospel, the scriptures and the Temple. However, I'm very open minded and non-judgemental of others' beliefs and choices. We all have our own path, but I'm looking for my match. He would be college educated with drive, a constant learning curiosity, who communicates well, is humble, service oriented, has integrity and is devoted to the gospel and to family with obvious eternal commitment in his actions. Serving a mission with a spouse would be awesome. I'm a one man woman that believes a man should be a righteous patriarch of a family and home built with Christ at the focus and my womanly support at the heart of it. My life goal is to bring my family to Christ and strengthen the eternal family unit. I incorporate daily positive energy which starts with living a life of integrity, reaching out to others and being willing to work toward righteous goals that have the Lord's will in mind. I'm not perfect and believe in daily repentance and getting back on track. Constant prayer, daily scriptures, great books and being found in holy places helps tremendously. If you're big and burly, communicate well, are educated and an honest family man that is supportive of these goals, let's talk.


I'm a strong ballroom dancer and classical singer involved in the performing arts and am educated in the areas of real estate and investing, psychology, acting, dance and music. I love swimming with my 4 grandchildren, teaching them music and life lessons. My kids are raised, but my Grammy Family Nights are the best! A library or book store are favorite places; and I love to continue to learn by reading a book or two weekly. I play a little piano and harp, love theatre and the camaraderie of choral performing groups. I enjoy gardening and at times can look like I've been to the mud rally. That's right...I'm not "high maintenance". You'll actually find me very down to earth and quite self-maintained! I raised my sons alone without child support. They all respect and love me. I'm ready now to find someone to share life with. Camping and hiking are great as well as fine dining and movies. However, I do have a goal of learning a few of the romantic languages and would love someone to learn with. I'm very romantic and love to give affection and attention to a husband when married, but I choose to adhere to boundaries while single. To me even a kiss is very special. To gain my attention: degree, gospel, integrity, good dad, show drive.

Disclosure: I've share pics to depict my life, places I've been to and experienced, ways I camp and my activities. I've gathered them from my personal files and/or Internet sites to reflect this but need to credit pic. ownership to Internet sites of some camping and recreational content.


When going somewhere I am usually on time
Broken bones: None of mine have ever broken!

My favorite TV show is
Breaking Bad-incredible writing, acting & series-First I've ever found worth watching all episodes.
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Choir, Humanitarian Aid, Preparedness, Service/Volunteer

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