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56 years old
5' 2" (157 cm) tall
Dark Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Real Estate
College graduate
6 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Pennsylvania
Regularly Attends Church

Greeting from campinoperamom:

I'm your dream girl come true. I'll tame your wild side properly and leave a smile on your face if your my man (within marriage of course). I cook, sew, go to the gym, camp, hike, create a beautiful home, am extremely giving, fun, spunky & totally love children/grand children, babies & even teenagers. Why I even clean, dust & even do windows! I do have areas to work on & I welcome suggestions.

I believe in marriage, fidelity, honesty, communication, & am frugal, self-maintained, easily pleased, well-manicured but can plow, rake, garden and have mud fights with the best of them. I've been told I sing like an angel, work like the devil, study like a demon, read endlessly, care & give totally, & have been blessed with the patience of Job. I also cook better than Betty, clean like a banshee, & love w/body, heart & soul. My parents had a strong marriage. I was taught by example to support my man, believe in him, build him up & give myself to him totally as he should to me within marriage. However, I expect total devotion and commitment above all else as I give the same.

You see I've been busy raising my six sons & haven't opened my heart to really find my forever man. I've been on my island of protecting the cubs in the den, finishing my education, developing my talents & accomplishing goals. Now that my children are grown men and on their own, I would enjoy finding a fellow soldier in the battle of life who is on the Lord's side. Not that life has to be a battle, but it will be the wonderful journey we make it with the Lord in our hearts as we offer full commitment, integrity, love and devotion upon the marital alter. So I've put it in the Lord's hands, and He referred me to the man up north:

Dear Santa here is my list:

1. Family Man: Must be a great father & have kids that he is a great influence toward. Dead beat dads please take a hike & get lost!

2. Life Experienced on similar path: Can't be one of these 50 year old men & never been married=no common ground.

3. Educated: College graduate please, or very self-educated & well-read (a rarity).

4. Solid Testimony: Good church member, but could I please have a square peg not a round peg that neatly fits in the board of round holes. Having a desire to grow in this area is acceptable. I do love a righteous radical.

5. Speak English: Must be able to put together a proper sentence & have proper grammar-double negatives hurt my ears, as do Southern accents & run away diphthongs. (If yews dunnos diphthongs-than yews ares ones!)

6. Personality: Please have some resemblance of a personality-Comedians get extra bonus points.

7. Christ centered: Love the Lord & live a Christ centered life-basically, love others w/o prejudice (Be open minded & service oriented).

8. Work ethic: Have a great work ethic & maybe even a job-a handyman gets extra points. (Couch potatoes need not apply.)

9. Growth: Be willing to learn & let go of behaviors that hold the relationship back like Passive Aggressive behavior! (see I'm willing to work through "men issues" if he is!)

10. Soul Communicator: Be able to communicate at least with the one you love-this one's so tough. I can't stand silent thinkers; I never know if anyone's home? You can't build anything if you won't talk about it.

11. Attitude: A happy positive person-no mental cases please, (and oh please, a man w/o LDS male arrogant pride-I know I'm asking too much on this one. Confidence, humility, no arrogance-we're pushing the limits. ;-) )

12. Support: Be willing to be supportive with my music-at least four of my concerts (per year) out of 60+.

13. Join in: Be willing to be part of the family & the grandchildren's lives.

14. Beliefs & life direction: Have common spiritual beliefs & goals.

15. Teachable: Be into self improvement & personal growth, be pliable for the relationship to mold into what we choose to create.

16. Qualified Age: Be between 48yrs to 65yrs old. I prefer men my own age.

17. Basics: Have good self esteem and be courageous-shy doesn't cut it.

18. Masculine: No milk toast guys, or skinny guys. If I could take you down with one wrestling move, I've got to pass (We all have our areas). However, masculine men struggle with many of these listed areas such as spirituality, or giving up the control & opening communication channels. A desire to work on these areas does count.

19. Fellow Comrade: Be my fellow soldier in bringing my kids & posterity to Christ.

20. The spark!: There must be major chemistry of course & what turns me on is more than surface. I want to know your intellect & your heart!

***Condensed list:

Be a committed & confident family man w/the spark, spiritual/teachable/honest, be educated & love learning, be hard working with good self-esteem, be fun, talk and don't be too skinny. I love a big burly man. It makes me feel protected.


When going somewhere I am usually on time
When it comes to my space it's clean

My favorite calling in the church was/is
Primary chorester, choir conductor, teaching primary kids
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Aerobics, Cycling, Pilates, Walking, Weightlifting, Yoga

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