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45 years old
5' 8" (172 cm) tall
Light Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Occupation: Healthcare
Some college
1 Children/ 1 at home
Mission: Every member a missionary
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend

Greeting from bronte94:

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just look at somebody's profile picture and intuitively know all we need to know without having to come up with ways to sell ourselves on how we are the right one for you? I have no problems with articulating my feelings, emotions, ideas, etc. It is trying to describe myself to complete strangers that I find a little difficult and awkward.

But it's all part of this process, right? So here goes:

I grew up in California, lived in Utah a couple times during my childhood. As an adult I have lived in the Southwest, Germany, Northwest, East Coast and the Midwest! I have become very adaptable and love the saying "Bloom where you are planted". I have lived in St Louis for the past 8 years.

I love being social, just not constantly. I am happy being on the go, watching concerts or plays in the park, going to local attractions, etc. I am also very content with being at home reading, watching movies or spending time with family, friends and loved ones.

I believe in being honest. I am adventurous and like to try new things. I love to read books that help me better myself and open my mind. I love to help others in any way I can, even if all I can offer are positive, kind words. I am well grounded and emotionally stable. I have a strong testimony and have felt the hand of God in my life. He truly knows what is best for me. My life is a journey and I do the best I can to meet each experience with optimism and an open mind.

My ideal mate would be active in church and honor his priesthood. He would also be a gentleman, chivalrous, romantic, able play off my sarcastic wit, passionate, realistic and have a great sense of humor. On the other hand, when life throws unexpected hurdles in the way, I need someone who can be levelheaded and work with me to figure out a solution. Someone who will weather life's storms with me and work to keep a marriage alive and nurtured. I would love to be able to provide my daughter with a wonderful example of what a marriage should be.

I do wish that pictures would be posted on profiles. I know you can't judge a book by its cover, but in the end, no matter how exceptional all qualities are, for me there still needs to be a physical attraction. If that makes me miss out on some terrific guys, then it is my loss indeed. I will not tolerate games or players. I do my best to reply to all smiles and messages. I can appreciate how hard it can be to send someone a message. So if I've sent you a message, it's not me being forward. It's me knowing that life is too short to not take a chance!

Also, at this time in my life I’m not sure I could relocate. My daughter needs her father in her life on a regular basis just as much as he needs her. In 2016, when she is 18 and joint custody no longer legally exists, I am open to moving almost anywhere. Hopefully somewhere with a country setting. City life is nice to visit, the country is heaven.

So listen: St Louis is a great place to live!! You get used to the humidity and tornadoes. Really

Thanks for visiting my profile. Just remember, there is a lid for every pot. We will all find ours, one way or another.


My friends would say I'm the brains of the operation
When going somewhere I am usually on time

My favorite scripture is
There are many, but D&C 121 is one of them.
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Walking, Yoga, Other

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