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46 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Sales
Graduate Work/Degree
1 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Florida
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from brad_aubry:

I have dreamed a dream,

Since I was just a child,

It was then that I knew,

The kind of heart ️

That God gave me,

It was then that I knew,

What you'd mean to me,

I thought I found you,

In the 2nd grade,

And that little girl,

I dated her for 11 years, 

Even at that young of age,

And without the Gospel,

Selflessly I put her first,

I protected and defended her,

I never let anyone ever hurt her,

Committed & loyal until the end,

2nd grade where's the fun in that,

I, I would of never looked back,

Then my dream it began to grow,

Turning every stone that I passed,

I searched for you near and afar,

But knowing not where to look, 

Often I kneeled and prayed, 

Heavenly Father above,

Please Father watch over you,

Protect you and keep you safe,

And to always let you know,

Of my great love,

I looked around every corner,

Literally search the entire earth,

Often sad and discourage,

But with great faith and belief,

In this Love ️that's inside me,

It grew continuously,

Then I found the Gospel

of Jesus Christ and,

And was taught what foundation, 

I need to build on,

Then my Patriarchal blessing,

Read you are my key purpose,

For coming to this earth,

And that we are to serve a,

Mission Far away where the,

Church is not known together,

As if I was not already ruined,

My need to find you increased,

With that prayer in my heart ️ 

For you to know I'm searching,

And after a mini mission,

And a LoNng HoRRiblE!! 

Passionless marriage,

I began to dream again,

And again I fell in love, 

With romantic poetry,

And my favorite part,

Of the movie,,, well,

It is always the kiss, 

And this hopelessly romantic,

Heart I would often wonder,

If it was a blessing or a curse,

And I wished many times,

To be more like the guys,

But then I would see them,

So many times showed such,

Little respect and no value, 

And then while serving,

As a leader in the church,

PPIing the male members,

Behind closed doors,

I would always ask them,

How are you and your wife,

And unfortunate but often,

I would get the wrong reply,

I ask Permission to speak,

Then I'd give them that talk, 

And rarely was I gentle,

The one I ripped the hardest,

Was a 70 not on assignment,

And having such experiences, 

I'd rather tear up at the movies,

Then theres my mother's talks,

Telling me that the reason movies,

Are so romantic, sweet and cute,

Is because they are only,

Ninety minutes long,,

Then she, she got my talk, 

About the contention I felt,

Between her and my father,

And ever since that night,

Talking out by the pool,

They have snuggled le="font-weight:bold;")for,

30 minutes every morning,

Before getting out of bed,

Fixing all the heart around me,

Longing to fill yours,

Praying with great faith, ️ 

For strength and for,

The wisdom that I lack,, 

Then I would walk for miles, 

In the sand on the beautiful,

Island that I grew up on,

Looking out at the sunset, 

Searching for your hand, 

And searching for the song,

That lives inside of me,

But you are the only one,

With the power to push play.

I know I am sappy & I will say that the wrong girl wouldn't like me long, I would shut down, but the right girl gets an eternal fairytale love and her best friend.

If you want to turn me off lie to me, play games, bring drama, be jealous or send me a naked picture. I'm not interested in that kind of girl and I AM NOT self-righteous, I'm fun, spontaneous, have incredible passion, I'm all about a little PDA and the word sexy is in my vocabulary.

I believe in the churches council to simplify our lives and to live Celestial Law and to be One.

I shouldn't say but I'm going too I'm, looking for a Princess & I hope she loves pink. The pink thing / not a deal breaker lol.

And Dear Sweet Sisters KNOW THAT in your blessing everyone of you, it tells you that you are of Royal Heritage and your to be a Queen. Find the man willing to invest in you, that wants to be ONE with you. I heard a talk once He said while courting that your eyes should be 90% open and married 90% shut. Watch for the Red Flags,, I do and I would rather be single and I am not built to be single, I am to much of a giver, way to romantic,,, with charm that is not fake.

I might come across too soft but I am very strong & I will lead and protect my family and our home will be a place where the Spirit will dwell. AND THERE WILL BE no fighting or porn in our home.

And I'm sorry darling but I do have an old Superman tattoo on my chest and it's 60% red and yellow, and that wont come out,, I have always been Superman.

I am truly looking for my best friend & I will not marry outside the Temple! Period!!! I do have some trust issues & need to go slow, I am not broken, but I am also not willing to jump off a cliff,,


I wish you all the best


If given the choice I would live in a cottage
When it comes to my space it's neat

My favorite calling in the church was/is
Ward Mission Leader,, Two times.
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Personal Wellness, Religious/Spiritual, Self Help, Other

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