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47 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Sales
Graduate Work/Degree
1 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Florida
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Worthy

Greeting from brad_aubry:

I ________________ do solemnly swear before God to take full responsibility for myself, for my future wife, and for our children. I will love them, protect them and I will teach them the doctrine of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will always be faithful to Her to love and honor her as a sweet daughter of Zion, and to be one with her all of my days and I will lay down my life for her as Christ did for me. I will always be full of patience and understanding, slow to anger, quick to forgive and quick to say that I am sorry. I will forever be mindful of all of her needs, and always step in without having to be asked while always doing all the little things that are so important. I will always make her feel special and loved and I will listen to her, and look at her as an equal never to belittle her nor cast her opinions aside. I will never raise my hand nor my voice to her and I will never fight with her, I will forever be a loving and approachable eternal companion and her best friend. I will teach my family to love God with all of their heart, all of their might and all of their strength, and in our home we will serve the Lord. I will serve my family and the church and fulfill all of my calling with all diligence. I will honor my Priesthood and I will lead my family in righteousness, scripture study, and prayer, and I will bless them and serve beside them. I will attend the Temple often with her to be enlightened and we will bring that Spirit back into our home. I will work diligently to provide for my family and I will put them 1st always knowing that my job, hobbies and worldly possessions have no eternal value. I will walk with integrity as a man answerable to God. Signed as if I were in the presence of God.

Yes I wrote this, and I signed it and hung it on my wall.

I am built in such ways. I am a hopeless romantic,, I seek joy, and a simple life and I am focused on those things that matter most. It is these simple and free things that matter most this is the purpose of life this and for us to prepare to meet God,, and these are the things I seek as I endure to the end hand and hand with my best friend.

I wish and pray for all of you and wish upon you those things you desire according to Gods will for you.


If given the choice I would live in a cottage
I mostly watch/listen to conference at home on TV

A brave thing that I have done is
Maybe searching the internet for my etermal companion !!!
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Billiards, Bowling, Ping Pong, Video, Other

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