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39 years old
5' 4" (162 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: Engineering
College graduate
1 Children/ 1 at home
Mission: Paraguay
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from bordercollie714:

I miss curling into the arms of the man I love at the end of a day. Nothing makes me feel more safe. When I feel that kind of safety, then gratitude and appreciation for him fill my heart.

I miss loving a man with all my heart and the work required to maintain a good relationship. I miss thinking about how to show my husband how much I appreciate him. I find the look on a man's face when he's focused on a project or something he enjoys to be very attractive. (Unless he's playing video games - for some reason that focus doesn't do anything for me.)

I miss exercising with the man I love, whether at the gym, riding bikes along the river, hiking in the mountains, skiing, or playing racquetball. I enjoy breaking a sweat, but when my honey is with me it's even better. There's something that strikes me as romantic then ... maybe the endorphins?

I miss going to church and the temple with the one I love and feeling so proud of him for choosing to follow and serve Christ. I miss honoring him as the head of our household and priesthood leader of our home. I miss praying with a man. I desire the bond that deepens as a husband and wife express gratitude, repent, request assistance, and seek guidance together. I enjoy feeling spiritual attraction toward a man. I am drawn to missionary work, as so many of my dear family, friends, and neighbors do not know how to access the blessings Father wants to give them.

I desire to be a stronger beacon of light for them, which I can do to some degree alone but to a far greater degree if I am within a family united with the purpose of doing good. So much of the confusion, pain, and anger today are caused by the destruction of the traditional family.

I've spent only two years married. I don't want to spend the rest alone. I know I can; I enjoy many blessings in my life now. My preference is to be married. It sounds as though I am widowed, which is not the case ... I wanted to communicate what I need in a man. I don't need perfection. I need someone who will cherish me, most specifically my heart, because it is good despite my flaws. Most men don't know how to protect a woman's heart, and rather than be discouraged by this, I gave it in entirety to Christ. I trust him to lead a man to me who will recognize who is before him: a woman shaped by life experiences, created for him specifically. I want to be this man's companion and helpmeet. I relinquished the desire to choose myself; I am prepared to adore who God brings to me. He has indicated that this man will cherish me and protect my heart.

I prefer a man to lead and I have no way of knowing which men are attracted to me, which means I don't prefer to initiate contact. However, I'm an extrovert, so talking to people is easy for me. Please write if you're interested.

A few things I love:

Being treated like a lady



Being in nature, especially next to waterfalls


Ballroom, latin, and swing dancing

Good chocolate

The restored gospel

I look forward to hearing from you...



Favorite holiday: Christmas

My favorite TV show is
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Fiction, Historical, Nonfiction, Personal Wellness, Religious/Spiritual, Science Fiction, Self Help, Technical, Other

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