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40 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Pharmacy
Graduate Work/Degree
2 Children/ 2 at home
Mission: Brazil
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from blueyedfarmgirl:

I really don't like playing games. If something here in my profile is interesting to you, please, send and email or IM (please not a flirt/smile). Let's have a conversation, see if we have anything in common. If nothing else I think we all need a few friends in this world. I think Napoleon had it right when he said "Girls want boyfriends who have great skills." I find that to be true. It's what I'm lookin' for. A real man with skills. :)

Being single isn't quite as glamorous as Hollywood makes it out to be. :) I'm not quite sure how to meet people in Rexburg. Yes, there's lots of singles here at the college, but they're about 21 years old . I'm not 21.

I'm nice. A good cook. Emotionally stable. I like to tell and especially listen to people's stories.Everyone has stories. Have full custody of my kids. Are those the basics people really want to know? I'm spontaneous.Very loyal.I'd love to answer any other questions you may have.

Other things that I find that most want to know first off.Camping/Outdoors: I don't mind it. I never really grew up with it, because we didn't have the time farming. However for me it involves at least an air mattress.I like shooting guns.Don't know all the names of them, just like to shoot 'em. I like 4-wheelers.Working out/exercise: I like walking(fast). I hate jogging. I used to lift weights years ago, but now have no way to get to a gym (kids). I have to admit, I'm never going to be a person that lives in the gym. I think there are too many other good things in life.

I'm looking for a good guy.At this point in his life,being employed is important.Knowing how to work is great. Not living with mother is also good.Testimony of the gospel is important to me.I also think having "skills" is awesome.Skills can be almost anything from changing a tire to changing a baby's diaper. I'm afraid all this may be too much to ask.

Random facts:

***BTW if you are looking for some ncmo or more than that, Stop reading here. I'm not that kind of person. Get your thrills somewhere else, or better yet, repent and change your attitude.


--I hate pink.

--I own a tiki bar/hut. Not the alcohol. Just the bar. As well as a lighted palm tree.

--I'm a traditional family gal. I believe in chivalry. I come from a large family of 8 kids.

--Some of my likes are talking, cooking, books, and traveling. I'm not sure what I do in my "spare time" because I don't know really what that is. I'd like to remember what spare time was like. :) I like to play card games (especially pinochle) as well as other board games. I like singing and I've played the piano. I used to go dancing a lot, but with the kids...not so much time. :)

--My favorite class in college was Dutch oven cooking. Ya, can you believe it? It exists. I couldn't fit "Advanced Dutch Oven Cooking" into my schedule....bummer.

--I started to learn to drive at 6. I drove on the road at 8.

--I really like planning very large gatherings/parties.

--I only speak Portuguese to my 2 girls (of which I have full custody).

--I'm a horrible liar, even in cards or something. I just can't do it! This is a fault and a strength, because along with not lying, can't even tell someone they look good when they don't. At least everyone knows where I stand.

--I'm spontaneous. I generally don't have a problem with doing things the last minute. I like to travel this way.

--I'm pretty easy going. It takes a lot to really irritate me or make me mad.

--Testimony/gospel wise--it's a very personal thing to me, and I don't feel I need to share it in a greeting. I'd hope that people could see how I feel in the way that I act. Having said that, the gospel is a very important part in my life. I'm constantly learning.

--Divorced does not mean "defective." It just means that there's a sad story to another broken family. Evil forces are at work in this world. I personally feel like a widow.

--Even if I don't have an interest in something, it could be because I've not tried it yet. I'd like to try new things. Sometimes I just have to have someone "hold my hand."

--I believe men should be the "hunters" i.e chasers in a relationship. I like the more "traditional" roles for men and women. Having said that, if you're interested in knowing more about me and I sound like someone who could be interested in you, please send an email. I'm not the biggest fan of "flirts" because they are so impersonal. So send me an email or IM. I would appreciate it. :)


I am interested in a person who dresses conservatively
Favorite holiday: 4th of July

My dream car is
one that's paid for and runs. A/C and radio is a bonus. a butt warmer is heaven
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Board, Bowling, Card, Ping Pong

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