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34 years old
6' 0" (182 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Computers/IT
Some college
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Ecuador
Regularly Attends Church

Greeting from blbailey3:

In General: I really like to talk. A lot. I love it when friends come over and can just chill, have a game/movie night and talk about all that nerdy stuff that you'd never talk about if they weren't your friends.

I love spending time with kids. They are so fired up about life, and the most random creative stuff (half of it you know nothing about, but you’ve gotta listen anyway). Playing capture the flag, card/board games, or introducing them to the stuff you liked as a kid is a must. I think it’s awesome, and it helps remind you what's really important, e.g., not the TV, or work.

I know some of that may sound weird or juvenile, or at least I've been told so, but the things that matter most, matter the most. Bottom line: I'm going to enjoy spending every minute with my wife talking about whatever. I'm going to spend my time with my kid(s), and watch that 'silly cartoon that makes no sense'.

I've never been a husband or a dad, but I try to live my life so I won't have much to change.

I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, and game nights - quiet-ish stuff at home. I also like to get out to hike; shoot: air-soft, Nerf, and the real boys; play Capture the Flag. Oh and driving places randomly, especially to find a new restaurant, A-MAZE-ING.

I'm generally up for anything, except things involving falling from very high places with any % chance of going SPLAT. It’s really not my thing.

Work: I've worked as a Computer Operator for a Grocery Distributor for the past 4-5 years. It's a good, reliable job, that pays well. I enjoy a lot about it, but we'll see what happens when I get my degree.

Education: I'm working on a double masters, one in Computer Science, and the other in Business Management w/ a focus on Information Security. There's an I/O psych minor in there some where. Sound like a lot? is, but I need the challenge.

Gospel: I know the gospel is true. I enjoy living it and doing my best. I make a conscious effort to make ground every day and to live my life without regrets. I'm not perfect, and I'm guessing neither are you. But I've come to really understand the power of the atonement, and I'm grateful to know the Savior as a friend and brother. I know where I'm headed, and I don't let unimportant things get in the way - at least not for long. I look forward to getting to the goal one day with my wife, kids, family, and friends. I can't think of anything more important.


Broken bones: 2
If given the choice I would live in a cottage

My favorite scripture is
Hymn# 85, How Firm A Foundation
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