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59 years old
5' 11" (180 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Self Employed
College graduate
3 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Illinois
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend

Greeting from artisankc:


Being accepted for who and what we REALLY are is the only way to achieve emotional intimacy, the thing that feeds our souls in nurturing relationships.This is often obstructed by the outward symbols of desirability, like hair for example (dry wit).

In writing my epoch greeting, I hoped to reveal my core self, "my heart" in an attempt to bypass the ritual superficial banter inherent in social sites. However, these shallow glimpses do seem to serve expedience to some degree. Therefore, I have posted a two part greeting. The first part is a cursury view for shallow surfers. The second is a closer look inside more suited for the wreckless and brave. Have fun!

Part 1 (Thumbnail)

Higher Values:

God/eternal companion; service: temple/missions/individuals; deep loving relationships borne of genuine kindness; virtue... from acting on wisdom and the spirit

Median Values:

Learning/exploring interests, adventure/passion, physical health/emotional wellness, spiritual development/ material preparation for family

Base level:

HAVE FUN! ...Great music.. all kinds (except rap and junk pop). Share ideas-Philosophy (Do cats have spirits like dogs, or are they like insects, just taking up space?) economics politics.. Laugh.....humor........GREAT FOOD, Exploring ...hiking, travel..seeking beauty and adventure. Great theater and movies..not fond of most TV. Fishing, Camping, backpacking, 4wheeling, dirt bikes, skiing, snorkeling, making jewelery, physical intimacy when permitted, scriptures, history, prayer...nothing matters if there is no connection with God, your companion and kids.

Summary: If I were a car, I would be a 5 year or old Toyota 4 runner with dents, scratches and a trailer hitch, at its half life, dependable, strong, rel liable, on the road less traveled. If I were an animal, I would be a dolphin, intelligent, fun, without guile. I identify with the Independence and courage of John the Baptist, Elijah, and Abinadi (Does not bode well for death). I am described by those who know me as: A Really Good Guy, intelligent, kind, generous, strong, creative, loving, faithful, funny (irreverent, dry humor), patient, tenacious, lay back, "absent minded professor", adventurous, positive, humble, friendly, independent, iconoclastic.

Part 2 ( Closer Look )

Greetings dear sister!

(If you are a brother, you need to be reading some of Boyd K Packers talks) Are you one who: enjoys reading Nibley, CS Lewis, and the Scriptures; is compatible with an NT in the Meyer's Brigg's temperament classification; is actually seeking the spirit with the courage and resolve to follow it's promptings, even if it seems foolish....expecting the miracles sought for; chooses class versus flash, character over persona, adventure over entertainment, learning over watching, exploring rather than certainty, seeing possibilities instead of obstacles, thoughtful discussion over banter, love over selfishness, integrity over expediency, content over form; sees the good in others, assuming the best of motives, responding to their flaws with understanding that only comes from knowing ones own shadow; CHOOSES gratitude for what IS.... and optimism for what can be; openness and honesty in sharing ones heart... revealing our core self ...loving and being loved for who we really are...thus feeding our souls....escaping the slow ignominious death of anemic relationships; has love for our Father borne of experience with him; can laugh at ones self and with each other as we face our human foibles with patience and kindness; offers genuine praise over criticism, passion over television, an encouraging word, an understanding touch, a kind look....real kindness from within rather than it's superficial counterfeit, "being nice" (A lie, which is betrayed by a distant coldness in ones eyes); seeks experiences over acquisitions, spontaneity and fun over tradition and protocol, RIGHT ACTION over social convention, ...did I say passion over TV?, ...and above all honesty and integrity with God, others and ourselves.....( If you are still reading, thank you for hanging in there with me. The conclusion is coming. You obviously don't have ADD or you are well medicated)


This is at least what I strive for.......what I value. It is a journey.....A quest that is best shared by are most holding hands in the moonlight (ONE GETS STRANGE LOOKS DOING THIS BY YOURSELF).

I strive to be the kind of man that my dog thinks I am, that my kids know I am, and that my companion will hopefully recognize that I am.....a loving, kind and honorable man, who is devoted to his family and our God. I am a philosopher at heart and an artisan in practice.....a renascence man.

There is much good that needs to be done with the time that we have......patriarchal blessings to be realized, happiness to share with those we love, peace and blessings to obtain from our Father as we serve him the temple ....on missions...and by caring for those around us....all as we laugh and love, pray and play, work and worship,.......... building Lego's and relationships with grand kids....conspiring with them to ambush their parents; dancing to Sarah Vaughn, reading books to each other, exploring great music and ideas, hike new trails, visit wondrous places..........and SHARE A THOUSAND OTHER THINGS IN A LIFE WELL LIVED.................most of all sharing our hearts, totally and completely in the safety of mutual trust...truly friends... companions. This is what I seek dream. Thank you for taking the time to read this with me. I have enjoyed sharing it. I hope you have too.

One final thought: As we continue on our journeys, whether our paths converge or not, please know that we are not alone. Our Father is walking with us. He has openly and repeatedly proven this to me. (I will share details upon request) Trust him. I wish you well. Kelly


Favorite junk food: ice cream
Broken bones: 2

My favorite service project was/is
I fix old peoples homes when they can't afford it. It is an nice resource for bishop. I get the scouts or aronic priesthood to help when needed. It is alot of fun...brings the best out in people.
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Biking, Boating, Camping, Fire Arms, Fishing, Four Wheeling, Hang Gliding, Hiking, Sky Diving, Snow Shoeing, Travel, Other

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