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53 years old
5' 5" (165 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Occupation: Computers/IT
Graduate Work/Degree
4 Children/ 2 at home
Mission: USA-Arizona
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Recommend

Greeting from akanotken:

Finally, I'm updating this info.

Hi, I'm a widower coming up on 4 years now. I lost my wife suddenly and unexpectedly in early 2010... truly devastating. my kids are the most important thing to me (OF COURSE!) and are really fun! My oldest son (RM) is studying at the "Y" , Next oldest is half way thru his mission, my oldest daughter is prepping for college in the fall. In less than a year it'll just be me and my one daughter ...

Being married to a best friend is great, I really miss that part of my life because of the trust and companionship. Everything is better with a soulmate.

Warning, I tend to talk to people as if I know them already ... so I just might tease you in communications early on ...

If you get to know me, you'll find I'm an open communicator and a straight shooter. I'm careful with my words but am always honest. I love to talk about all things: your day, current events, gospel topics (did Adam have a belly button?, why did robbers keep coming when Ammon began cutting off arms ), politics or just stuff. In other moods I'm happy to just be close, doing my own thing.

I'm not driven by money or power/control.

Love kids, Love charitable service, Love family.

So, what do I consider fun, what do I enjoy doing? Well, what don't I enjoy? Variety is the spice of life. That's a strong one for me, as a minor examples: I will take different, slower routes between places just to mix it up, I love to try new foods. My love of variety means I enjoy many things but don't focus on any one very much. I've cloned genes in a world class laboratory, ridden cross country on a motorcycle. Shot some golf, sky dived, scuba dived (I'd like to re ignite this interest one day), ridden horses, spelunked, shot competitive action pistol matches, skied (water and snow), passed actuary exams and even taken a ballroom dance class ... these are the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Some of these things are in my past but could easily reawaken.

I'm a happy soul. I am very funny, unless you don't like my jokes ... and then I'm very annoying .... I mean VERY annoying :) If I'm not smiling then there's something VERY wrong, or I'm asleep.

Most vacations involve my family, but living here in VA I get to easily enjoy hikes in the blue ridge mountains, walking on the beach, being on the James River, historical sites/bldgs, DC's many attractions and plenty more. I enjoy mental stimulation of all types ... conversation, games, problem solving. I traveled for work for a couple of years and I enjoy it, but feel no need to pursue more. At least not alone.

How about movies?

I'm not crazy about formulaic movies, I prefer with those with a fresh view (ex Inception, Truman, Momento, the prestige, sixth sense, etc). Good comedies never get old. And if your in the mood I'll even join you on a romantic comedy ... yummmmm, romance.

So, what if we find chemistry ... What would be a great first date? Not a movie ... Let's communicate. You can pick the venue. i.e. lunch in a quaint restaurant? A private walk anywhere (If I pass your "he doesn't look like a serial killer" test :) ... you know you'll do that the first time we meet! ha! I'd rather get to know you than be entertained.

Lastly, I realize just how much I love doting on my partner. Making her happy makes me happy. Being in synch with someone (not being in lockstep) completes us, and I think is the basis of 2nd Nephi 2:27 ... "(wo)men are that they might have joy". Do you have joy?

If you have managed to read this far you get a bonus of your choosing ... unless you just skipped to the end. There will be a test so don't even think about cheating :)


My friends would say I'm the comic relief

My favorite calling in the church was/is
I really enjoyed exec secretary, work with bishopric without any of the real responsibility! I'll let you in on a little secret, the best calling in the church is leading the 11 year old scouts.
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Card, Strategy

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