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62 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
White Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Retired
Graduate Work/Degree
1 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Haven't served
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Wendallsmom:

31 December 2016 - I'm an empty nester these days as my son is on his mission in Germany-Berlin. I am trying to decide between a stay-at-home mission (I have a 13-year old dog) or a calling at the temple. I'm leaning toward the temple because I would get out and meet more people. The mission would likely be a computer-based Family History mission - which I love! - but I already spend enough time at home.

I am on this website to meet my future husband via the avenue of a great friendship. I am a “Jill of All Trades” . . . I have many skills, a varied background, and a wide variety of interests. I was blessed to leave the workforce when my son was born so I have not been working outside the home since 1997, but I’ve kept busy as a Naval Reservist (until 2005), City Council member, and cheerleader for my son and husband. I was on active duty in the Air Force for 11 ½ years. I was a new convert to the church when I heard President Benson’s address to the Mother’s in Zion (Feb 87). I took his counsel to heart and decided the Air Force wasn’t conducive to the family life I really wanted. So I separated from active duty at my earliest opportunity, June 1988, and switched over to the Naval Reserve where I finished out 28 ½ years of military service as a Lieutenant Commander. I also spent 9 years working as an air pollution meteorologist for the state of California. During my son's high school years I served as a high school band, cross country, swimming, and soccer mom and I enjoy doing those things!

I am a doer and I’m strong and independent – partly because I have to be, partly because it’s my nature. But life is so much better, more fulfilling, when decisions and daily life are shared with a loving spouse. I don’t necessarily enjoy being strong and independent – I look forward to the day when my husband “has my back” – something we will do for each other. I am loving and kind and I have a nurtured, strong testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of the gospel. I communicate freely and openly and I’m honest and genuine. I am considerate, caring, loving, and happy (except when I’m sad). I am a temple attender and so I’m definitely looking for someone who is also a recommend holder.

I enjoy walking, hiking, biking, horseback riding, sailing (a new sport), camping, boating, water skiing (rare opportunities), light sewing, cooking, simple baking, learning new things, having friends over for dinner, organizing photos, surfing real estate websites . . . I especially enjoy traveling whether it is an hour drive around our county or a day trip, weekend escape, or a month in Europe - I love it all - but I've never been on a cruise!! A transatlantic cruise on the Cunard Line QM2 is on my bucket list!!

I'm active and healthy. Most people are surprised when they learn my age - I'm often told I look six to ten years younger.

Ultimately I want to be married and eventually go on a mission, but it is so important to be friends first. In the immediate future, I want a friend to communicate with and get to know.

My husband passed away in June 2011 from Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was 12 years older than me. The age difference was mostly okay for our 20 year marriage. He was also thought to be about ten years younger than he was. But I don't want to go through being alone again. For that reason I would like to be with someone closer to my age, even maybe eight or ten years younger to hopefully decrease the odds of being alone again.

I had a "white" Christmas in 1986 when I was baptized on Christmas day. I had similar questions as Joseph Smith. I told the missionaries about all the different religions in my family: my sister is Jehovah's Witness, my aunt was Presbyterian, my grandmother was baptist, I was raised Lutheran, and at the time, a cousin was part of a campus-based religion. I said that they all have the bible and they all think they're right. Then I asked the missionaries what made the Mormons any more right than the rest of the other religions. Of course they told me about the restoration of the priesthood and the priesthood authority here on earth and they told me all about the Book of Mormon . . . all the things that make us the only living church on the earth. I always felt so good when they answered my questions. So that's my conversion story in a nutshell. I love the gospel and our church and I am thankful for my testimony that guides me in all that I do each day. I never miss going to church even when away from home.


Favorite junk food: soft candy
Favorite season: Spring

My favorite calling in the church was/is
working in primary/dream calling is to teach seminary or be a temple worker
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Choir, Genealogy, Humanitarian Aid, Politics, Preparedness, Scouting, Service/Volunteer, Other

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