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28 years old
6' 0" (182 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Blue/Green Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Healthcare
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Argentina
Regularly Attends Church

Greeting from Venture200:

You know, I'm not all that great at writing introductions, so I just kind of mess around with them. So, if you are (for some reason) interested in reading on, please do so with a grain of salt. The following is a list of interesting facts about me. Some of them sound about average; nothing special about them. Others are absolutely nuts, but nonetheless true. Well, there's one I made up. See if you can guess which one:

I like anything involving the outdoors. Particularly things like hiking, boating, rafting, etc.

I like to try new things.

Family comes first

I consider myself a smooth operator. I don't often make mistakes; but when I do, they're epic, or grammatical.

I am literally the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off someone else's back. But how does one approach such a situation?

I consider myself fairly laid back; I don't sweat the small stuff.

I've gotten anterior grade amnesia before. Twice. And both times happened after saying: "I can do that."

I have met Jeff Goldblum. Being a Jurassic Park fan, that made my day. By the way, I'm stoked for the new one. Who's up for a date?

Contrary to popular belief, I have a wonderful singing voice. In sign language, anyway.

I've tried hunting alligators with a machete once, followed shortly by a trip to the doctor. Can you guess why?

I've been known to go on spontaneous hiking trips. They just happen to be when certain relatives come to town.

You ever cause a blackout before? I have. And would you believe I did it with a water balloon? Most embarrassing moment.

I am a limbo champion.

I have played the part of cupid at a wedding. By that I mean I shot an arrow into one. Maybe that was my most embarrassing moment.

I like a lot of action and excitement, but I also enjoy a quiet evening with a good movie or a good book. I also enjoy watching a bad movie, like 80's sci-fi bad. Anyone see Troll 2? It's just awful.

I've been involved in a smuggling op. It's not quite how it sounds.

If you can't find me, try looking up.


If given the choice I would live in a mountain cabin
Favorite season: Winter

A brave thing that I have done is
Skydive. Well, not yet anyway but it's a dating idea.
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History, Medical/Health, Philosophy, Science, Other

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