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61 years old
6' 2" (187 cm) tall
What Hair? Hair
Hazel Eyes
Occupation: Other
College graduate
4 Children/ 1 at home
Mission: Service mission
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Worthy

Greeting from UTDC:

Elder Bednar said, "There is no perfect mate, there is no soul mate, so get to work and quit worrying about it." I guess I'll just have to call that settled science. I'd like to think I've learned the secret to success in a relationship, which would be to make the comfort and the well-being (both physical and emotional) of your spouse your highest priority. I've learned you have to be able to laugh and have some fun. Dating&Marriage is serious business, but you can't be so serious that its all business.With that in mind, the good news for you is 1. I’m pretty much housebroken, and I don’t mind doing the exciting things in life. You know the really captivating stuff like laundry and washing the dishes. It goes without saying I can change the oil in the car, neighbors do NOT compare me to a diseased sewer rat, only not as cuddly. 3. I don’t wander around thinking the world owes me a living. The world owes me nothing, it was here first. :)I guess the real question we men should be asking ourselves is, If we found the perfect woman we wanted for an eternal partner, why would she want to marry us? I'm still crafting an answer for that one . . .We’re taught from our youth we truly are not complete, until we have someone who completes us – that we can’t get “home” alone – as individuals, even though the journey is taken individually, because someone else can’t take it for us. Therein, (I think) we find the drive in each of us to find the missing part of “us”. And for those of us who wish to take on the additional responsibility and demands of time in -weight:bold;")maintaining an atmosphere wherein our partners can thrive and remain happy, the carrot of “an exceedingly and eternal weight of glory” is offered to us. It’s a serious thing to live in a society of potential Gods and Goddesses when one actually stops and takes the time to consider the e="font-weight:bold;")ramifications.Marriage and dating are not a final destination: they are the gateway to where you want to go.I once came across the sage words of a woman, and I've hung on to them because they strike at the core of this online endeavor we find ourselves in. She wrote: How oft are the pain-chased fallacies repeated, in seeking the thrill of the new catch, the first and hasty kiss? Would one bestow a treasure on an un-measured servant?How possibly could I adore someone that I did not know, and know well? Nay, I say, to know well and intimately is to love, and to adore is to long esteem him for every gentlemanly, self sacrificing deed.To have the comfort of knowing intimately the fine character of the object of one's affections, how magnificent, how sublime it is. I'm not sure that can be done over a long distance: It's a challenge to be sure. Ladies, your thoughts?Now, if you made it this far, one more sanguine note: (my sardonic sense of humor popping loose here) I have ADD (Oh look! its a squirrel!) and OCD, so it has to be perfect, but not for very long :)Oh, one more small aside: it would be an exceptional quality if your default coping mechanisms involved something a little more advanced than going into “frantic desperation” mode which involves ear splitting screaming and the hurling of sharp cutlery in my direction.


My friends would say I'm the muscle
The type of food I like the most is American

My favorite service project was/is
Driving truck for the bishop's storehouse to deliver food orders
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Action, Comedy, Family Films, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction, Other

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