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63 years old
5' 2" (157 cm) tall
Gray Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Education
Graduate Work/Degree
7 Children/ 1 at home
Mission: Stake or ward mission
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Trudee:

I'm a country lady who enjoys reading and gardening and spending time with her children and grandchildren. I'm energetic and busy and love the out-of-doors. People are important to me and as a branch missionary and an early-morning seminary teacher I loved watching as the gospel brought miracles into their lives. I'm generally happy and positive and believe in facing life head-on. Of my seven children one is a handicapped son who brings both a great deal of love and serious challenges into my life. I am committed to living the gospel and making the Savior the most important priority in my life.

I've been told that this profile doesn't tell you much about me so I'll elaborate.

I live on 8 acres on a gravel road. I can't see another house from mine. I love the seclusion and quiet but I also love having friends and family over for food and fun. We have baby chicks, pigs, a horse, a dog, cats and an aquarium. All my animals live outside except the fish. I have a large garden and freeze and can produce for my family. My goal is never to have to buy a fruit or vegetable at the store. Eventually I hope to raise all my own meat. The chicks are for eggs and for eating. When I moved to Iowa I gave away my food storage so I'm trying to replenish.

I have 7 children, 11 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. I've worked in special education and early childhood education most of my life and enjoy kids. My grandchildren are welcome at my home anytime.

I've been married in the temple 3 times and have 3 temple divorces. If that's a red flag for you I can't blame you. It would be for me, too, if I hadn't experienced it. Don't know the reasons but will have that discussion with my Father some day. I do know that I have proven to my Father that I am not a fair-weather disciple. I will love Him, honor Him, obey Him, and trust Him no matter what life serves up. Even if He never grants my heart's desire, I will stay true to the gospel.

I would love to travel and see the world but my handicapped son keeps me at home for now. I must be available for him, though others can care for him for short periods of time. His strong and tender spirit is a blessing to our family. The whole family helps to meet his needs. We are closer and stronger because of him. He has kept us together through it all.

I am open and honest and don't have any desire to play games. Our family is generally loving and accepting. We discuss our problems calmly and patiently and are willing to accomodate and sacrifice for one another. I refuse to live in a battle zone so accusations, yelling, throwing and hitting are unacceptable. I love my life and am generally happy. I expected to spend the rest of my life single. My family would be a difficult proposition for any man to take on. So why am I here? Because the Lord has required it of me. I'm here as a direct result of personal revelation. I'll do as the Lord asks and let him take care of the rest. I have no expectations.

So, is that better? Now you probably know more than you want to. If you got through all this you're a brave man. Thanks for taking the time.


My favorite color is Violet

A brave thing that I have done is
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Educational, News, Religious/Spiritual

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