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49 years old
5' 5" (165 cm) tall
Strawberry Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Education
College graduate
2 Children/ 2 at home
Mission: Haven't served
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Summer2222:

Found someone. Extremely happy. Good luck.

Looking for but not deal breakers:

*tall man (at least 6')

*under 53 years old (I want someone on the same wave length as me)

*likes to stay in shape (I workout almost daily, but am not a fanatic)

*enjoys the Temple (I love to go and would like someone to go with)

*has a job, pays their bills, saving for retirement, little to no debt(I have a job, pay my bills, am saving for retirement, have no debt)

*willing to help around the house (I do my share)

*knows how to treat a woman

*likes to touch and be touched

*open honest communication a must

About me:

*My love languages:

1. words of affirmation (I like to be told how awesome I am)

2. physical touch (I like to touch and be touched)

3. quality time (I like to spend time with the one I love)


1. I like blue because it reminds me of water. I love water.

2. Yellow reminds me of the sunshine and warmth.

3. I love to wear white.

*Love summer and warmth, hate the cold (enjoy the seasons though)

*Love to cook, hate to clean up (but do if I have no help)

*Love teaching and kids, hate parent/teacher conferences

*Love holidays, Christmas is my favorite

*Love to kiss and cuddle, hate to fight

*Love to travel

*Things I enjoy doing:

1. hike (long grueling hikes, or slow casual hikes)

2. swim (laps, water parks, leisure)(love the water)

3. bike (not much for mountain biking, but do enjoy a nice long ride)

4. lifting weights (alternate upper and lower body, plus do cardio daily)(sometimes life gets in the way)

5. read (mostly read novels, but enjoy self help and learning also)

6. movies (like most except horror and blood)(cuddling and popcorn are a bonus)

7. going out to eat (I don't go very often so it is a treat)

8. holding hands (all the time)

9. cuddling (as much as possible)

10. kissing (love it!!)

11. shopping (only buy when I can afford it)

12. dancing (love it, but don't get the opportunity much here)

13. long drives (anywhere)

14. walking (slow hand in hand or a nice sweaty workout)(learning to enjoy running :-D)

It is all better with the right person. Anything can be fun with the right person. :-)


The type of food I like the most is American
If I had 1 million dollars I would be most likely to invest it

My favorite TV show is
Survivor, but I don't have TV right now
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Football, Gymnastics, Racquetball, Roller Blading, Skate Boarding, Skating, Snow Skiing, Soccer, Surfing, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Water Skiing, Other

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