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38 years old
5' 11" (180 cm) tall
Black Hair
Brown Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Design/Creative
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: France
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from RexB:


I am a rather quiet, polite, well-behaved 'young' man. If you would like more info. then read on...

A good personal attribute of myself would include being a good listener. I have also been told that I'm thoughtful. I sometimes lift weights to stay in shape and also do a good Sinatra singing voice impersonation. I have a good sense of humor although I occasionally keep some of it to myself. I speak French.

I would hope to find a woman that I can be attracted to and feel about her the way she deserves to be felt about; she should also be reasonably kind, have a naturally pleasant disposition by default (unless provoked), be trustworthy and basically be a good friend and companion.

Since some have asked, and you may wonder, I do have Spanish, German, Scottish, and French ancestry...(addendum, I recently had my DNA tested and here are the results, I thought this was interesting)...

Native American 30%

Europe West (German/French, etc.) 24%

Iberian Peninsula (Spain/Portugal) 13%

Scandinavia 10%

Ireland 8%

Italy/Greece 7%

Finland/Russia 4%

Trace 4%

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in graphic design/illustration and a minor in French. I also served a mission in Marseille, France. I do have a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and know of it's capacity to strengthen people's lives through it's teachings. I was born and raised in the Church. Christ should be the foundation of our faith. He is the only way back to our Heavenly Father. We can only approach the Father as we exercise faith in Christ by daily following his teaching in our personal lives.

Currently, I am an adjunct faculty member of Stevens-Henager College and College America where I instruct online graphic design courses in the evening. I am also licensed Realtor with the state of Utah. In the past, I have been a graphic designer for a company called Mike Watson Investing and have worked as a Realtor for Osmond Real Estate.

I was raised in central Florida about forty miles north of Orlando in a nice old Victorian House in an orange grove on a hill overlooking a large lake. It was a really beautiful place and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow up there.

A few of my hobbies include hunting for gemstones, fossils, metal detecting for gold nuggets, trying to sing like Sinatra, speaking French, playing the trumpet, lifting weights, artwork, the computer, firearms, camping, etc. :)

I don't think I'm that picky about age range but would generally cut off the age at 38 or 39, younger than 28 may be too young.

Side note, my political views are conservative with a libertarian leaning (I don't think a strong federal government that pervades the life of citizens was what the founding fathers originally intended :).

Just a little hint, for me laughter and humor is like dessert, it is best appreciated in small quantities, intermittently. If it was the main meal I would become ill.

I’m not opposed to laughter and light-heartedness, I’ve just noticed that if someone thinks something is funny and goes on and on, it’s kind of draining if you don’t seem to share in their amusement as much as they do. It’s not like I don’t chuckle to myself several times in a day, but I tend to keep it to myself more often and don’t always impose it upon others. I do also appreciate being fairly sober overall more of the time than being in a constant silly mood. Someone who is always silly more than they are otherwise gets a little old to me, but with some people, like someone you really like, I agree that light-heartedness come easier. So, that’s what I meant about the main ‘meal’ not being silliness, that’s the icing on the cake or the dessert, to be enjoyed, but I still don’t want cake and pie exclusively all day long. Hope that analogy makes some sense although it is not perfect.

Update, recently I have acted as a substitute instructor for Nebo, Provo, and Alpine School Districts. Most recently, I have accepted a position at Convergys on their Cigna project. My income is not staggering, so I apologize to anyone who is looking for a relationship with me as a sort of a "get rich quick scheme". lol -see I do have a sense of humor. ;)


I mostly watch/listen to conference at home on TV

A brave thing that I have done is
Bought food for a person with a sign asking for food during my mission
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Comedy, Documentary, Educational, News, Reality, Religious/Spiritual

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