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25 years old
5' 5" (165 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Advertising/Marketing/PR
Some college
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Every member a missionary
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from RadioFlyer1990:

My name is Kelsey. I live in Arkansas. I was born in Ohio. I’ve also lived in Belgium (4 years), Idaho (1 year), Colorado (few months) and Illinois (few months). I created the profile about a year ago and never felt the desire to even login. The timing didn’t seem right and I’ve learned so much about myself in the last year that I’m glad I didn’t.

I am convinced that everyone has good inside them. This is based on the overwhelming influence of my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have a kernel of good -or perhaps more appropriately- a kernel of God in them. I don’t say this in complete naivety. I have met people that range from “interesting” to “evil” but I have yet to meet anyone who, upon looking into their eyes and hearing their story, I couldn’t love to some extent. I think that’s the way we are as children of God. Everyone came to this estate with the Light of Christ and a love for our Eternal Parents.

I have very strong believes that are founded in very rich experiences. I love my Savior! I strive daily to know Him! One of my ultimate goals in mortality is that when I meet my Lord He will pull me into His embrace. I dream with all my heart that He will recognize me and my Husband and our children because we serve Him. This is not now and can never be a passive pursuit. Until He declares that it is finished, there are hands to hold, tears to wipe, burdens to lift and people to love.

When I look at my hands I also see the hands of the generations before me. My hands come from a long line of hands. Their hands plowed fields, built houses, mined coal, sailed ships, delivered babies, cared for the sick, defended freedoms, raised a nation, escaped persecution and clung tightly to good dreams! I am the first generation born into the church but the hands that came before mine belong to legends of Angels.

Along with the rights and responsibilities of the Priesthood comes the ministering of angels. At some point, I hope to share with you my personal testimony of that wonderful phrase. But let it suffice, for now, to say that I KNOW we are not alone. I KNOW that life, work, love, joy and family do not end when our bodies are returned to the earth. When we are sealed to people they can be with us. They have work to do. But when we need them -when we want them -they will be there.

Our Father doesn’t ask me perform ordinances or administer blessings. He doesn’t ask me to font-weight:bold;")command the elements or perform miracles. Yet as I approach my Father with a willing soul He happily grants me a portion of His work and by extension His joy. He commands me to listen, counsel, sustain and GO TO THE WORK!

I’ve spent a lot of time pondering on nt-weight:bold;")the line from a hymn: “The Errand of Angels is given to women and this is a gift that as sisters we claim.” This is a hymn not scripture; when I search the scriptures, I have only found supporting evidence to this sentiment. My personal 14th article of faith is: I claim the privilege to do the work of the Angels on earth. I have been extended the opportunity to perform the work of angels! The very thought leaves me breathless and close to tears. In those moments, when I listen to the spirit, when I go where He wants me to go and do what He wants me to do, I look at my hands. In those moments my hands are His hands.

Like I said, this is not a passive aim for me. I am a -weight:bold;")happy and easygoing person. I am fairly quiet but enjoy so many things. I make friends with a lot of people (back to the “good in everyone” thing.) All things in consideration, it’s VERY important to me old;")that the man I eventually marry will love the Lord first! If he will love the Lord with all his heart, I am convinced that I can love him with all of MY heart. I am very actively engaged in missionary work and want to raise my children to be missionaries. I want my home to be a refuge from the storm. I want my children to never doubt the faith of their parents. I want them to go forward with courage knowing that we will never give up the spiritual ground we have already won!

Remember this: Embrace each day and hold your head up! You are a son of God! He knows you! He loves you! He is proud of you! There is so much good in this world. And on a bright and wonderful day in the future, the Lord will come in His glory! That day will come after a dark night. So, REMEMBER that stars are given at ="font-weight:bold;")night to remind us that day will come again. Remember that the darkest night the world has ever known was followed by the first Easter Sunday. On that day the sun rose. On that day the Son rose. He broke the bands of death. He broke the grasp of sin. He is the balm in Gilead. He is the cheer in celebration. Tell people that. They need to hear it. Tell your children. They need to hear it.


My favorite pet is a dog
For a first date I would prefer a walk in the park

My favorite scripture is
3 Nephi 17:24
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Animals/Pets, Flowers, Gardening, Home Improvement, Landscaping

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