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41 years old
5' 9" (175 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Green Eyes
Occupation: Nursing
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: England
Occasionally Attends Church

Greeting from RGRmatt:

I have just started going back to church after a lengthy hiatus. I can't promise you that i will suddenly gain a testimony after we meet. However, i will respect your testimony and i will continue to work on mine. You can't force a testimony.

Yes i live in GA for the time being but in the very near future i plan on moving. I'm not 100% sure where i'm going as i haven't decided quite yet. I'm currently a critical care nurse but i plan on tackling an MBA in the near future. I also served in the military in the 75th Ranger Regiment and was shot a couple of times overseas. I say this to share a little background but i prefer not to use that service to make small talk so i'd like to ask whoever may read this to please not email me to thank me for my service. Thank you. If i get to know you better and you're interested we can talk about it then. Again, thank you in advance.

I'm open minded. I believe in respecting the beliefs and opinions of others. While i think it's important to be on the same page as a spouse i realize that there will always be differences of opinion on some things. That doesn't entirely discourage me and it shouldn't discourage you either. I've been married before and i know how important communication is. Lack of that will kill and has killed so many relationships... if you stop communicating you start assuming... and once you start assuming you can quickly lose respect for your partner based on nothing more than your assumptions... many of which could be completely wrong even though you think you know that person well enough to make assumptions about him or her.

Bottom line is marriage takes a lot of work. You have to have a mutual attraction and share some beliefs and interests to form a bond. Sharing goals is very important as well. The only way to figure all this out is to start talking... have to start at point A to get to point B.

I have to be honest. If you don't take care of yourself physically we will not be a match. If you at least try to take care of yourself by doing some cardio and working out a little i can work with that. That being said i want someone who is serious about taking care of themselves through healthy dieting and exercise.

I've been out of shape at times myself but i always get back into shape at some point. Right now i'm in great shape and i love it.

I like strong women. If you are a professional woman with a degree and a job.. that's awesome. Some men may be intimidated by that. I am not. There are a lot of things I plan on doing and learning while i'm here on earth. It would be awesome to share that with someone special.

Don't be afraid to talk with me. Don't assume things. If you feel compelled, please send an email. You never know what your future holds.

I can tell you that i would really like to meet someone special and i will do everything in my power to make sure we're happy and healthy and live a fulfilling life together.

Best of luck to everyone here. It can really get depressing being single but forcing something that isn't there doesn't work. Building a relationship takes time and patience.


If I had 1 million dollars I would be most likely to I'll tell you later

My dream car is
not sure
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History, Medical/Health, Philosophy, Science

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