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21 years old
5' 5" (165 cm) tall
Black Hair
Dark Brown Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Nursing
Graduate Work/Degree
1 Children/ 1 at home
Mission: Plan to with my future spouse
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from QueenB990:

The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a purpose

- Myles Munroe

To start with I am a mother to a 5 year old girl that I love so much. With that being said if you do not like children or plan on having children in the future I suggest you don't read any further.

I am a medical assistant and I love my job. I take care of people that have intellectual disabilities and I take care of their health / personal needs. I was born in Sierra Leone and I plan to one day open a free clinic back home to help children and women who are sick and need medical attention. When I am NOT working or taking care of my child I love to do outdoor activities such as playing soccer, indoor rock climbing, and dancing

( nothing exotic ).

For the past 3 years I have been a member of the church, this year has been a wonderful year of self discovery for me. I have come to know myself and have a better understanding of what I want in my life.I was having a very hard time adjusting to my new life but now I think I have gotten the hang of things. I am also the only member in my family and that was very hard to deal with. Nevertheless I have come to discovery that I serve a greater purpose in this world far beyond myself. I have come to understand that my purpose is to live the gospel to the fullest and inform as many souls as I can of the goodness of the Lord.

I am looking for someone who loves God far beyond themselves or anyone else on earth. Someone who doesn't just go to church for the sake of going but understands why they're going and haven't lose sight of their purpose. Someone who is funny and can open up their mind to different cultures. I love a man that can make sense of what he's saying and doing. Most importantly I want a man that has integrity and is respectful to all humans regardless of race, social status, or religious beliefs.

If you're still interested and not scared after reading this, than please feel free to message me.


Favorite junk food: potato chips
I am interested in a person who dresses casually

My favorite TV show is
Anything Interesting
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Action, Cartoons, Classics, Documentary, Drama, Family Films, Horror, Religious/Spiritual, Romantic Comedy

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