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29 years old
6' 8" (203 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Computers/IT
Some college
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Scotland
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Worthy

Greeting from QazaQ:

Hello, I am Dan, (I chose the name QazaQ as it's a little weird and unique, like me.)

I am a GIANT, and no I don't eat people although sometimes I randomly say "brains" in a zombified voice. I enjoy trying to enlighten others, I find myself occasionally strapping on my running stilts and walking around to make people smile/laugh/etc.. I feel like a cyborg sometimes. I work part-time as an IT Systems Specialist. While I battle the bane of my existence, mathematics. I am majoring in Earth Science with an emphasis in Environmental Management. (Someone's got to keep the Environmentalists, Businesses and Government in check. & it's something I find interesting.)

I have a knack for solving problems using science and technology (especially when combined with prayers and faith.) I struggle with interpersonal communication. I feel like Steven on BYUtv's Studio C Flirting Academy, as I try to express interest, or ask a girl out. I am still single as a result of my fear of rejection coupled how I occupied my spare time with World of Warcrack (pun intended~ it was an escape from reality.)

I look forward to getting out of my comfort zone and meeting some awesome friends, and hopefully a wonderful lady who will love me for who I am. (No pressure)

Currently my sphere of influence is lacking between work & school, most ladies in my evening institute class and ward are of the age group that experience has suggested are more likely to rip one's heart out and eat it for breakfast. In my course of study there aren't any suitress'. So I decided to give this online dating scene a try.

I think we're all a little new to this. But I assure you, I may not care about fashion trends, I may not have the greatest sense of style, (options are limited for GIANTS.) I may not be the social butterfly but I am a "good guy."

I enjoy spending time with friends and family outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, and relaxing. & Snow Camping.

I enjoy seeing movies at the Water Gardens. I enjoy science and art exhibits, and a few musicals/plays (I make time for what's important to those I care about) I like foreign films, (Korean Dramas, etc.) I enjoy playing board & card games with family, friends and siblings & a weekly League of Legends ARAM match with my brother, friend and their wives. (my sister-in-law & friend’s wife are better gamers.)

I occasionally engage in Live-action-role-play, sewing & I take satisfaction in a good day's work, while appreciating days of rest.


Favorite season: Winter
I mostly watch/listen to conference on the internet

A brave thing that I have done is
Served in the Army until October 2005, and recently I ventured on a humanitarian trip to Garbanzo Mexico, and performed geophysical surveys to try locate the best play to drill a culinary water well in the remote village of Garbanzo..
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Preparedness, Service/Volunteer, Other

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