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30 years old
6' 8" (203 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Never Married
Occupation: Computers/IT
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Scotland
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from QazaQ:

I am Groot! --err, I am Dan.

I am a GIANT, I enjoy trying make people laugh. I work as an IT Systems Specialist as I complete my education, I've only got a semester of Chemistry and semester of Calculus until I've earned both a BSc in Earth Science with an emphasis in Environmental Management & BSc Environmental Science.

I have a knack for solving problems using science and technology (especially when combined with prayers and faith.) Sometimes I'm a little timid/shy as I try to express interest, or ask a girl out. ((^_^))

One of my biggest regrets is that I got caught up in wasting time playing computer games after my mission, and luckily I'm now only a social gamer. ~In that I still play a couple hours a month with my family and friends. But playing computer games is just another way of spending time with those I care about. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, and relaxing etc..

I continually seek opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. (I've not got the greatest memory with regard to names and faces.) I've also begun *trying* to dance, (Country, Salsa and even a little bit of the waltz) Dancing can be a little intimidating for me, though when I find I've forgotten a move or something, I'll just improvise with some techno'ish/self created style dance moves. Also it's been said that TechnoViking copied me.

I take satisfaction in a good day's work.

I strongly believe that it's best to develop a friendship via the first few dates, and then see where it goes from there. I also greatly appreciate honesty in friendships and relationships.

I'm going to come across a little shallow here, but there are a few 'traits' I'm looking for. (We all have some sort of list)

I'm looking for a lady who:

1:) Thinks I am, interesting, funny, caring, honest, attractive, etc.,

2:) Has a strong testimony and strives to be the best she can be.

3:) Has goals, and is working towards achieving those goals.

4:) Is honest (that basically goes without saying, but I wanted to add it anyways.)

5:) Is at least up to my shoulder. (approx. 5'7" or taller)

The height preference incorporates :if statements with allowances based upon criteria 1, 2, 3, and isn't an end all, 'set in stone' requirement.

If you've read this far down, and aren't scared off by my five basic preferences, then maybe you should send me a message/question/etc..

Ohh and I spoil my nieces and nephew.


Broken bones: 1
When asked about reading I said When I can, I enjoy it

My dream car is
Pfft, who needs a car? I want the teleporter from Startrek, after all the question asks about my dream form of transportation?
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Action, Comedy, Documentary, Family Films, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Religious/Spiritual, Science Fiction, Westerns, Other

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