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67 years old
5' 2" (157 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Blue/Green Eyes
Occupation: Retired
College graduate
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Other
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from POQUA:

Ahhhh beautiful day, Cornhusker flag hanging in it's Autumnal place on the porch railing, Nebraska football on, and watching over my missionaries (I've been serving a Church Service Mission with FamilySearch for quite a while). Life is good!

I got to laughing yesterday as I realised some things about me. Who knew we could still be discovering new things about ourselves daily??

1. I have a moronic, sophomoric sense of humor. I can see the absurd in things and that makes me able to tolerate some of the rough patches of life with dignity and grace. I really like stupid videos like the one on FB of the ghost in Eastern Europe- It kind of sums up my sense of humor I think. I like silly missionary skits and YM YW skits. I find them hilarious. And I like advertisements better than the shows usually.

2. I AM a nerd geek. I LIKE nerdy geeky things. I like Space movies and TV shows, the insane group of people on Big Bang Theory. I like games and puzzles that challenge me (although I do not play online games-- I'm waaay too busy for that). I like Chess and while not competition level I can do a fair job of annihilating you. I like strategy in games. I use it to advantage in business settings but I am not a gamer in relationships.

3. I'm upfront about relationships. No guessing what I'm thinking IF it's important. At the same time, I don't say everything I think and I am careful not to say things in a way that would hurt another person. That is exceptionally rare, and I am capable of it, but there has to be no other way to get through. (I am still managing a group of volunteers in a project where exactness is important. I’ve been in a leadership capacity most of my life. So I have plenty of opportunity to be mean were that my nature.) If you/they are hurt, we talk it out ‘til it's resolved. No pouting, although when I'm really hurting, I have to walk away and be alone 'til I can garner the strength and courage to face ____.

Older post:

Love life, and still adventurous but know, understand and accept my limits.

Just a few of the things I love:

Meteor showers, freshly mown hay, fireflies, solar cooking, "Grow a little garden, eat a lot of peaches", Cornhuskers, Broncos, 16 liveried employees, singing the high lonesome, winter, spring and fall, Wild Montana Skies, hot dogs, my sister and brothers and other family members,(!--(/span--)span) rv'g, singing skies and dancing waters, Alaska fever, cherry pie, old friends. Song of Wyoming to end long productive days, feeling the light fade and nighttime gather around us, cozying in at home.

My list is endless.


I am interested in a person who dresses conservatively
My favorite pet is I'm not a pet person

A brave thing that I have done is
Depends on how brave is defined. I am courageous.
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Genealogy, Preparedness, Service/Volunteer, Other

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