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64 years old
5' 7" (170 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Occupation: Self Employed
Graduate Work/Degree
5 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Philippines
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Noblesse:

I'm told I love life & live it to its fullest. I have an insatiable zest for what life has to offer & a curiosity for what’s just around the unknown corner:). It comes to us in so many different blends. All of it somehow seems to be personalized for each of us. Certainly, for me. I enjoy being busy...doing, being active in all walks of life. I find it a challenge to balance work (building my own business once again, LOL), play, church & community. It’s all good because it’s personal growth. I'm not a current subscriber so I can't respond on this particular site. Sorry. I enjoy & attend, almost always the SA Firesides & Dances.

My philosophy on age (since I look younger than I really am) is; Age is a matter of the mind, if you don't mind it doesn't matter! Being physically, emotionally & spiritually fit or balanced, I believe, is the essence of it all....Smile, your Happiness and Success depends on it (did I say that?!)

I have been around the world & now focus on improving my land & country. I've been to many states but not all...those left are on the bucket list. I do/have done most outdoor & indoor activities. But game to try the few I haven’t done or that you may challenge me to do...(base jumping or wingsuit flying anyone?). A few of my many favorites include; ballroom dancing, chess, tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, snowshoeing, concerts, opera, musicals, ice skating, mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing, shooting, trips/travel, board games, exploring & adventuring. I'm keen on community service...volunteering in the fine arts programs, district BSA & Helping Hands.

Chemistry plays an important part in any great relationship. Experience has shown that I’m generally attracted to fit, slender, petite ladies with youthful, energetic...but then never knows...just sayin’

I seek out quality friendships, based on trust, integrity & like values. I believe the best companion for myself will simply be my BEST friend. I'm true, faithful, devoted & loyal to those I love. In a sense I'm a traditional man, understanding that a woman's role is not only to be different than mine but a support in all that I am & do; & I to be the same for her. I don't wish to compete with the one I love but rather to compliment style="font-weight:bold;")& balance her talents & skills with those I have been blessed with. I don't so much believe in independence or dependency…..but instead, interdependence in a successful relationship. I’m not perfect & have my share of faults but haven't ever given up on myself & constantly work on improving my character flaws.

Home is where the heart is. Family is most important. Ian) come from a big family that is close & keeps in touch. They are my biggest fans & I theirs. In the past I have allowed myself to go into a few relationships somewhat blind (who said LOVE IS BLIND:). Big mistake!! If you're in a hurry (now older but wiser than before:), looking for a sugar-daddy, enabler, rescuer, father figure, I'm probably not your guy or best choice, but wish all well in who each is looking for. Friends first!

Marriage is constant hard work & it's both our responsibilities to communicate & keep the romance alive. If you think its just bliss....see what Pres. Hinckley has shared....then think again! I don't believe that holidays/special days are gender based, LOL. I have discovered that true Princesses treat their partners as a true Princes....& Others....equal to themselves. Courtesies, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, loyalty & trustworthiness, like abuse are also not gender based. I suspect they are either innate or learned behaviors, but either way, can be a part of anyone’s character. Where there is a Will...there is a Way!

The church: I find 2 kinds of members of most all religions. Those that are active in their church & those that are active in the gospel. I am of the latter. It's a daily way of life for me, not a Sunday social every 7 days. I NEED you to have the capacity to support me in my church service & I promise to be & do the same for you. Most all my blessings, have come from callings & finding those who need to be uplifted. There is plenty to do & WE need to do it! I know doing so, will bless any family & marriage, that puts the Lord first & centered in their lives.

Although I consider myself a gentleman, a romantic & one who is affectionate, I have learned by personal experience it is better to be single than in an abusive relationship. I'm content with knowing the truth of the iconic words sung by Justin Hayward, "I know you're out there somewhere.....somewhere...... somewhere....I know I’ll find you somehow....somehow..... somehow.....and somehow I’ll return again to you.”

If the above sincerely resonates with your heart & mind, I would enjoy hearing from you.  


If given the choice I would live in a cottage
I am interested in a person who dresses for a good time

My favorite service project was/is
Too many to list.......all of them!
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Documentary, Educational, News, Religious/Spiritual

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