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25 years old
6' 0" (182 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Blue/Green Eyes
Occupation: Self Employed
Some college
0 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Mexico
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from NickN9:

Talking about myself huh? Hmm, where to start? Well my name is Nick and I'm currently a student at BYU-I studying Mechanical Engineering and my own business owner as well with the plan to get my masters degree in Engineering from the University of Utah. I'm a guy who very much likes to do new things and I really enjoy a good challenge. :) Even if it kicks my butt sometimes.

Pushing myself and doing something new is awesome and something I strive to do any chance I can get. With day to day stuff that needs to get done I don't get that chance a lot, but I love to do it nonetheless! Modern technology, guns especially are some of my biggest hobbies/passions in life and I would love to work with them/design them for my career, or anything to do with technology and things like that. I just love creating and designing and making stuff, so something that lets me do that every day would be awesome!

As far as more about me personally I'm a really easy going kind of guy who never really worries, like ever, at least the pointless kind that just makes you unhappy and doesn't change anything because that seriously drives me crazy. Instead of worrying I like/naturally want to go to work fixing the problem or getting something done so it isn't a problem anymore. I always, always, always do my best to focus on the positive and look for the good in everything I can because there is really so much good in this life and true blessings in the trials we have to be grateful for! The gospel of Jesus Christ and what it means for us is the most important thing we can possibly do and dedicate ourselves to in this life and finding someone who loves the gospel and who I can share those experiences with is so important to me.

A temple marriage is an absolute MUST for me, nothing less will do, because the type or relationship that I want to have with her, one so completely devoted and dedicated to each other and so full of love, is one that I want to have forever. So only an eternal marriage will do.

On the topic of marriage I have been married once before, and despite being completely faithful and dedicated and giving it everything that my imperfect self could my wife said one day that she just wasn't happy and didn't think we were working out. I did everything I could to try to convince her to stay and work out the little things, every single little thing I could, everything I could think of, everything, like even going to marriage counseling by myself, do anything I could, etc, but in the end she made her decision and decided to leave and I had no choice but to respect it. Even though it would have been really easy to be mad or bitter I chose not to. I chose very early on to not be mad, or harbor anger or resentment and to forgive and do my best. As imperfect as I am knowing I chose to live the gospel by keeping my temple covenants and choosing to forgive, even though my wife didn't, has brought me so, so much peace. The gospel really is the best!!

Anyways, as I hope you can tell by now I have no problem being open and really honest with people. Beating around the bush as the saying goes drives me nuts, so I do my best to always avoid it. "Honesty is the best policy. "

Other than that there's still plenty to tell for sure, but if you're interested send me a message or something and I'd be happy to tell you all about it and get to know you better too. :)


I am interested in a person who dresses for success
Favorite holiday: Christmas

My favorite TV show is
I never watch TV.
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