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51 years old
5' 0" (152 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: I'll tell you later
Some college
2 Children/ 1 at home
Mission: Haven't served
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Mozzaic:

Artistic, friendly, spiritual

Before you read my profile be aware that I will not reply if there is no photo of you or if you hide your eyes behind sunglasses. I show mine so it's only fare if you do the same

I was born in Portugal (a small cute country on the west side of Europe just next to Spain), lived in UK until March 2010, and moved to Vegas following my heart, as I usually do, even knowing that it could brake (like it is now).

I am that kind of passionate person who lives life daring to fly as high as my wings allow, and even when I crash land, I still have a smile and say: -"ouch! but hey, it was a great flight! I get up and ready for the next adventure.

I am an artist, very creative, photographer, who works as a dog groomer at the moment here in Vegas so I am economically independent.

I am very friendly, gentle, intelligent, caring and very patient.

I like outdoors a lot.

I am a new member of the LDS Church. I just completed the first anniversary this week and soon I will be endowed to the Temple. I love my calling (YW Secretary) I love the Curch, the Gospel and the way of LDS members live. It's just so perfect!

Sometimes I jog a bit love going for bike rides but my favorite activity is swimming.

I love working in my garden and having my hands messy with soil, clay, papier mache, paint, glue, chocolate and other fun stuff. Yet I don't have time and patience to go to a manicure and put those fake nails on my hands. It wouldn't last long any way hahaha. I keep my nails short and clean and use hand lotion when they feel like sand paper. You can tell a lot about someone by looking at their hands. So if you are looking for a Barbie kind of girl please move to the next profile, thank you for stopping by.

I used to sail in my teens. My dad and I build a sailing boat and I used to race.

I am tired of spending my life kissing princes that turn into frogs. Now I just sit here by this lake, waiting for the frog to kiss me and turn into a prince.

Lets see where this cyberfrog kissing game will take me to.

In the old times humans used to sit in front of the fire to share their adventures and perform the mating dance. As we evolved through times we moved the mating dance to ball dance saloons with wigs and dropping handkerchiefs, disco nights to online dating websites. We sit in front of our screens waiting for the one to enter our heart and allow the boy with shooting arrows to do the trick both ways, before the Magical YES I DO!

I will refuse to do botox and face lifting as time goes by and I see my body changing and leaving marks. I tend to dodge time and it has been kind to me making people believe that I am younger than I look. I suppose genetics has something to do with it but also my spirit helped. My mum won her fourth battle against cancer so she is my role model. Unfortunately I have been on the same battle, and yes I am a cancer survivor. The secret: positive thinking and sense of humor. The capacity of laughing about ourselves is a great quality in the people I want o attract into my life

I want to make loads of friends, date different people with no expectations until one day Cupid, the boy I mentioned above, shoots us on the right spot and puts the words I DO in my mouth. I would love to marry in a temple with a beautiful, special soul who would love me for who I am and not how I look like.

I am very transparent so you can see right through me and there won't be any games.

I just wish guys wouldn't post photos of them just with sunglasses. How can I get to know someone who hides the entrance of the soul under a dark glass?


Am I talking too much???

Ok lets move to the next box, the rest you can find out when you meet me ok?


I mostly watch/listen to conference at home on TV
Broken bones: 2

My dream car is
a car that takes me to point A to point By safely and comfortably and that I can put loads of stuff in it and good to go up mountains and places with mud or snow.
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Cycling, Yoga

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