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34 years old
5' 4" (162 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Hazel Eyes
Occupation: Homemaker
College graduate
3 Children/ 3 at home
Mission: Haven't served
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from Mercedes23:

Hi, my name is Mercedes. Yes, like the car. No, I don’t drive one. If they made an E-Class sedan with a stick shift, I’d consider forking out the cash. Last name Macdonald. Yes, I spelled it correctly with the lower case 'd'. No, not like the hamburger joint. I love to laugh—like really laugh. When I get going hard enough I can’t speak and just end up crying. It’s almost like a party trick.

My sense of humor includes witty banter with a bit of sarcasm thrown in for good measure, often finding the ridiculous in life to make me laugh, when I’m not making myself ridiculous.

A few things I like:

*reading—favorite alone go to activity. I’ve spent entire days reading before…

*making things—cooking, crafting, sewing, party planning, décor, etc. and to varying degrees of success…bloggers always make things look deceptively simple.

*sweets—really anything will do. I have been known to …ahem…eat dry cake mix. Yellow, please.

*travel—love Europe, favorites include Scotland, Paris, Amsterdam

*honesty--say it how you mean it, kindly, of course. Straight up raw if it must be. But I want to know what you really think.

*photography--when I say photography I really mean lugging my big camera around yet feeling faintly self conscious because I don't really know what I'm doing. I just click the shutter enough times to usually come up with something good.

Fewer things I don’t like:

*licorice—I think It’s a rare exception to the above like of sweets

*lack of passion—if there’s nothing that really excites a person, nothing that they feel strongly about, I’d rather not. Because there are a lot of things I feel strongly about

*There are others, but there must be some mystery…

If you prefer the non-trivial approach, I have a great appreciation for the important roles my eight:bold;")family, friends, and faith play in my life. I am both honest and real, and hand them both out without apology. I hope to find someone who can be the same back to me. I grew up here in Utah, and am back after an 8 year stint in the beautiful and yes, frigid, Minnesota. I’d like to broaden my social horizons at this point, get out there and see what happens. I’d love to get to know you!

Evening Drama

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