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38 years old
6' 2" (187 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Occupation: Skilled Labor
Some college
1 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: USA-Arizona
Regularly Attends Church

Greeting from Melkchor:

With the average population on this site being 3-4 men for every 1 woman I suppose I better make this good

Bottom line: I'm a Texan. I wear cowboy boots, not because it's fashionable, but because it's comfortable.

Truth be told, my wife had an affair a few years ago and after spending time trying to reconcile the trust issues, we both agreed that we continue to hurt each other unintentionally. Because of this, I tend to take some time to open up due to past pains. I won't ever compare my pain to another's for all pain is unique to it's owner.

My son is a real handful. He is diagnosed as being Sensory Proccessing Disorder but also one of the most genuine children I've ever seen. His mom and I are amiable with each other because my boy needs both influences in his life of a loving father and mother.

As for my hobbies and spare time, sorry ladies, I just don't do a whole lot outside anymore. I enjoy it, but with the physical job I perform, being in the sun all day as well as knees that ache at the end of the day, it just is difficult to find that energy. I have instead found my outlet through gaming, hobbying and some rudimentary woodworking. I've built most of my furniture, nothing fancy to look at but it's sufficent for my needs. Model building is enjoyable and I've been told that I actually have "surgeons hands" because the detail I can put into a project can at times border on insane. Gaming is my other love. Board games, strategy, military simulation as well as RPG's all fill that need for social interaction and boistrous laughter. I don't watch TV all but I do have a movie collection I enjoy when I have time. P.S. if you don't like Firefly or haven't seen Warehouse 13, I just don't know if we can make this work.;-)

As for my finances, I am debt free. The scripture in Proverbs states that the "borrower is slave to the lender". Looking back, it was debt that was the catalyst that caused the rift and stress between my ex and I. That was my failure as a husband. You can have debt, but just know that WE will be focusing heavily to pay it off!! I also come with a healthy supply of food storage, not yet a year, but working on it, and the best bread machine on the market. You just havent lived unless you've had fresh bread.

I will never be considered educated by the worlds standards and yet I am usually 6 books deep on my night stand, not including two sets of scriptures and a third specialty bible. My topics of interest are history (all types but mainly American), military history (Revolutionary War and WW2), politics, religion & theology and finance & economics (bonus points to you for knowing the benefits and drawbacks between Keynes vs Smith vs Marx).

My political leanings tend to be constitutional libertarian conservative (in that order). I have deep abiding and resounding respect for the founding fathers of the American nation and to quote from the D&C, the Lord states "...I have established the Constitution of this land...". I can even draw a parallel between the rightous King Mosiah and President Washington as a type and a symbol for the pattern of government we should maintain.

What am I looking for? I'm looking for an understanding woman, patient, sassy is always a plus, with creative mind to keep me on my toes. Yes, I believe in the sealing ordinances of the temple, but I believe in the "Ye Olde English" wedding vows, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better AND FOR WORSE. I highlight the last few words because society has created the premise that the marriage union is a desposable union, but how can we expect to demand the good times if we are not willing to persevere through the crap life so frequently sends our direction?

Just holler at me if interested and I'll try to get back as quickly as possible. I try to be the gentleman but life just gets busy sometimes.

Following is my old profile greeting. Maybe you have a bit more context now as to who I am on the inside.

"I am_____" is the most profound statement one can make. Only you can fill in the blank in your life and be happy.

As for me:

I am loyal

I am kind

I am a gentleman

I am honest

I am imperfect

I am persistent

I am patient

I am hopeful

I am excited about the future regardless of the struggles

I am a dork/nerd/geek (yes, all three)

I am sarcastic (as a protection from being hurt)

I am a bit grumpy on the outside (also a protection) but when you get to my inner core,

I am the softest, goopiest jar of marshmallow cream you will ever get your hands into.

To quote Ronald Reagan: There is no greater happiness for a man than approaching a door at the end of a day knowing someone on the other side of that door is waiting for the sound of his footsteps.

Remember that even Reagan had to endure through his first marriage to find his Nancy Reagan!


Favorite season: Summer
For a first date I would prefer a walk in the park

My favorite TV show is
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Board, Bowling, Strategy, Other

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