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39 years old
6' 3" (190 cm) tall
Dark Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: Student
Some college
3 Children/ 3 at home
Mission: Plan to with my future spouse
Regularly Attends Church
Temple Worthy

Greeting from LightBringer14:

Well I have 3 daughters Grace, Emily and Abby that currently live with their mom in FL...(They are home now!!!) I'm pretty outgoing I love just being around people and talking. Just the idea of having someone to go to church with me sounds so much better than going alone. Starting this week Ill be running the nursery. Kids normally like me pretty well and vice versa so it should be fun. I love Love LOVE to dance, I'm a big movie fan and like to read and write as well. I pretty much adore all animals (have 2 cats right now) with fur, feathers or scales, not so much bugs. I am trying to get through school to become a physics teacher(science not gym) this is taking too long because I have no idea what you want to know, one of my college instructors dubbed me an 'anomally' which i think is appropriate so anything else you want to know just ask

UPDATE: Well going on 3 months here and fast losing hope for this site. Obviously I havent seen the avg man's profile or his comments to the women on here but from my end it seems most women are not trying to get to know a man, but issuing a list of demands,

"No kids" "must have this hobby that job" "cant like something I dont' "dont bother if your not next door." 'wasting my time if you like this" Maybe Ive completely missed the point of this site but I thought getting to know ppl and finding that connection was the goal, not finding any and every way to arbitrarily dismiss someone before making the effort to say hello.

Yes it is good to have things in common but from my personal view and most men Ive known who were serious about getting into a real loving relationship I have NEVER heard any sort of list like those i see on here from women, nor have I heard of such a screening process being the start of any successful relationship I know.

Now this last part could just be nerves on my part but it really seems like all the pressure is on the men here. All effort at contact (which is ok) but after that the odds of getting a simple hello back seem ridiculously low. Assuming you do reply any effort to continue a conversation or get to know someone seem to be expected soley from the male as if all the women are supposed to do is sit back and wait for mister perfect to announce his arrival and show his worthiness. I am not trying to attack women by any means in fact my frustration stems from having spoken to several of you who seem quite lovely and having had very nice convos, but no matter how much the women seem to enough them at first, after a few they just dont bother showing the interest to say hi and actually learn anything about you.

This may totally eliminate any responses but honestly Id much rather be wrong about all of this and just some sweet caring sisters that want to get to know ppl before making decisions tell me Im wrong. Thus ends my rant.


I mostly watch/listen to conference at a church building
My friends would say I'm the comic relief

My favorite calling in the church was/is
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