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50 years old
5' 11" (180 cm) tall
Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Occupation: Legal
Graduate Work/Degree
2 Children/ 0 at home
Mission: Australia
Regularly Attends Church
Endowed, Temple Recommend, Temple Worthy

Greeting from LibertyTree:

Hi friends, my name is Jeff. I am a happy and positive person and I believe gratitude is the key to happiness. While I am a passionate person, the best relationships are between people who are mellow and remain calm discussing sensitive issues (and don't make most minor things into sensitive issues).

I want a relationship that is heavy on love, kindness, affection and fun; and light on demands and expectations. (Anger and hostility are deal breakers.) I thrive on emotional and physical intimacy and want a partner who feels the same way. Overall, let's have a relationship that is happy and positive and fun--and be intentional about that.

OK, I need to admit something. I'm a sensitive guy (but still VERY much a guy) and I love deeply. I'm romantic and sappy and I like to spoil my girl. I'll watch chick flicks with you. (Actually, I'll watch almost any genre except slasher flicks or horror.) I like to connect at a deep level. I like pillow talk. I like having moments of getting lost in your eyes. I like cuddling and kissing. I like making the most of the small happy moments that come up unexpectedly. If I'm too corny for you, I get it. I'm probably not your guy. But some women are really looking for what I have to offer.

In blended families, it is essential that the parents learn to love and be kind to each other's children. (That depends more on the parents' behavior and attitude than the children's.) I have two sons. They are nice guys and I am very fond of them.

I am an attorney and recently started my own firm. I love liberty and the United States Constitution. I have a post-doctorate (LLM) degree from The George Washington University Law School, where I studied English and Early American Legal History. While I love books and ideas, I love people more. It doesn't matter to me if you are educated if you are willing to listen to me ramble on about English kings and wars of liberation now and then. I have close friends from all walks of life.

Life is a ministry. We are on earth to learn to see others as Jesus Christ sees them, to love them as He loves them and, in the process, become a little bit more like him.

A few other interests: Snow skiing, landscape photography, working out (Vasa), travel, and doing things with my kids.


I am interested in a person who dresses period
My friends would say I'm the brains of the operation

My favorite TV show is
Andy Griffith, Coach, Gilligan's Island
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Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Travel, Other

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